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YouHodler Review: Is YouHodler 100% legit or Scam


Hi, And welcome to my YouHodler Review, Find out if YouHodler is a good Investment, legit or Scam. Note, This Review is based on Historical Data.

What is YouHodler?

Launched in 2019, YouHodler is an EU and Swiss-based cryptocurrency platform that allows you to earn better interest rate as well as borrow funds against your crypto deposits.

They allow borrowers to quickly get cheap loans in fiat money (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP) by using cryptocurrency as collateral.

On the other hand, lenders earn guaranteed returns immediately when they deposit funds on their interest-bearing accounts.

YouHodler also supports crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto conversions.

This means that even if you’re totally new to crypto, you can take advantage of this high-yield saving account by depositing your fiat currency.

What’s more, once you dig deeper, you will find more earning opportunities such as

  • Crypto Loans: 90% loan-to-value, TOP 12 coins as collateral
  • Earn Interest: Get 12% in stablecoins, up to 8% in other crypto
  • Multi HODL: Boost your savings and keep your daily interest
  • Turbocharge: Borrow to get more crypto

The team behind YouHodler

A team is the driving force behind any company, so it’s always good to know who’s working behind the scenes.

Ilya Volkov is the CEO and co-founder YouHodler who has more than 15 years of experience in FinTech industry.

I did a bit of digging around and found that YouHodler is actually owned by a company called Naumard Limited.

It’s registered in the Republic of Cyprus in 2016 with two employees. It took them 1+ year of development before launching it to public.

YouHodler is a fairly new and young company that has grown very rapidly, with two main offices in Cyprus and Switzerland.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a strong competitor.

So, what actually set YouHodler apart and above other competitors in the crypto financial market.

Good question.

What makes YouHodler Unique and Different from Others?

As its name suggests, YouHodler is a multifaceted crypto solution for YOU as a HODLer.

As we know, just like gold, Bitcoin does not pay you any return in itself.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can get guaranteed returns by just holding your cryptocurrency?

That’s where YouHodler comes in.

YouHodler makes it easy for crypto investors and HODLers to grow their crypto portfolio and generate some passive income in a number of ways.

When it comes to detail, YouHodler offers one of the highest interest-earning accounts for stablecoins and bitcoin (3-12%), flexible investment options and get paid directly into your wallet every week.

On top of that, YouHodler doesn’t offer native tokens like Celsius Network and Nexo. This means you don’t have to hold or stake their platform based tokens in order to use YouHodler’s services and earn higher interest rates.

And most importantly, YouHodler offers an innovative way to maximize your investment returns with unique tools such as Turbocharge and MultiHodl. With MultiHODL, you’re able to use funds from a savings account as collateral for other lending products and boost your savings through margin trading.

YouHodler Review

YouHodler is a crypto lending space headquartered in Switzerland, offers users minimal interest loans by pledging their cryptocurrency as collateral, which helps them save funds.

YouHodler is a crypto-backed loan service provider, and it is established on the idea that if the users HOLD their cryptos during down markets and sell them when the market goes up. The YouHodler exchange allows the users to borrow fiat anytime based on the present value of crypto assets.

Since its inception, the platform has developed exponentially. It has become one of the well-known crypto-banks by offering its customers several supported coin investments that include BTC, UNI, ETH, BNB, etc., along with stablecoins like USDC, USDT, TUSD, DAI, PAX, and HUSD.

Understanding YouHodler

According to the YouHodler reviews, this platform was established in 2018. YouHodler offers crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto financial services. The users can get guaranteed financial returns when they deposit crypto funds; also, they can borrow funds against their crypto holdings. They can also convert cryptocurrencies to fiat money, to another crypto, or they can use stablecoins.

Using YouHodler exchange, users can get cheaper fiat loans in EUR, USD, GBP, CHF using cryptocurrency as collateral. It offers several crypto investment options to users worldwide; they do not offer services to Iraq, China, Bangladesh, North Korea, and the US.

As per the YouHodler review, this exchange is a member of the blockchain association and the financial commission in Western Switzerland. It also serves as an outlet for any dispute resolution outside their platform.

This platform is defined as a centralized finance service, and it has users from 180 countries. YouHodler provides compound interest that is added every week to the user’s account. If the user does not want to withdraw their interest, they can earn more profit. Further interest is calculated every 6 hours approximately.

How to Use YouHodler?

Using the YouHodler platform offers a hassle-free experience. The user can find whatever they want to know about the cryptocurrency investment and the ownership of cryptos. They can use this platform to make the most out of their crypto assets.

One of the simple and efficient tools offered by the platform is the YouHodler wallet. It allows the users to hold their cryptocurrencies for investment purposes; they can also convert their fiat or crypto assets and store them in the wallet.

Using the YouHodler crypto-to-fiat wallet, the user can manage their funds, get loans, and start crypto savings account with this platform.

How to Obtain a Loan at YouHodler?

The most appealing feature of YouHodler is its capacity to offer loans to its users; this can be compared to hedging. It provides a simple and flexible option to get into the cryptocurrency market.

Their crypto-backed credit line permits the users to borrow money. They can receive money instantly; in this way, the user need not touch their crypto holdings which eliminates several risks associated with investment decision making.

The next step is to create an account, transfer more cryptos to the wallet. The user can request a loan, and they need to check all the loan options available regarding the loan duration, extend loan duration, price down limit, and the loan-to-value ratio. After clicking the loan of their choice, it gets approved in a few seconds.

The user can get back their initial collateral anytime if they repay their loan. They can also manage their loans through the in-built loan calculator.

This exchange accepts different crypto coins as collateral, and their loan-to-value ratio is offered up to 90%. This is considered a competitive price in this sector which makes them the leader in the cryptocurrency lending space.

How to Earn Crypto with YouHodler.

1.Deposit crypto

YouHodler pays interest on BTC, PAXG, USDC, TUSD, USDT, HUSD, PAX, BNB, HT, XRP, XLM and ETH deposits. If you don’t have such crypto you can convert it from other cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Earn 12.3% on EUR, earn 12.3% on USD, earn 12.3% on GBP by convert fiat to stablecoins in seconds using our platfrom.

2.Earn interest on crypto

Once the funds are deposited into your crypto savings account, the first weekly payment period begins.

Monitor your crypto savings account earnings on a daily basis by checking the “Earned” counter. At the end of each week, the earned amount will be deposited into your Account.

Important info

  1. If you release funds before the end of the weekly period, you will  not receive interest earned during the uncompleted week.
  2. If additional crypto is deposited within the weekly period, the crypto interest from this deposit will be applied to the next week.
  3. After each week is over, crypto interest will be deposited into your Account. Users are free to keep it there to accumulate even more profit
  4. 3Boost your crypto earnings and keep your interest
  5. Play with your crypto savings account and find the right balance: take a limited risk VS an asymmetrical high level of potential profit.

How to Earn Interest on Your Cryptocurrencies for YouHodler

Irrespective of the underlying instrument, generating a regular return on the said asset is considered a healthy way to pursue financial stability.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, the only options that you have at your disposal to increase the value of your investment is:

To actively trade it on a day trading or swing trading basis

To sit tight and hope that its value increases

Both options are somewhat problematic. Firstly, if you are looking to actively trade cryptocurrencies, you need to have a firm understanding of how online trading, technical analysis, chart reading, and everything else works. This isn’t something that can be achieved overnight.

Secondly, if you are looking to ‘HODL’ your cryptocurrencies in the hope of a new bull market, there is no knowing when, or even if, this will happen. In the meantime, your cryptocurrency investment is sitting idly – and arguably, losing you money in the form of opportunity cost.

With this in mind, earning interest on your cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept. YouHodler is all about using your passive cryptocurrencies to generate active earnings. Instead of merely storing your cryptocurrencies and hoping for a market surge, YouHodler gives you the opportunity to earn interest on your digital coins, without you needing to sell them.

Here is the gist of how it works:

You have 2 BTC in a private wallet

You deposit the 2 BTC at YouHodler

You decide to loan the coins out for 30 days

You are paid an annualized interest rate of 4.8%

At the end of the 30 day period, your 2 BTC is returned to you, plus the interest you made

At YouHodler, compound interest is added every week. The platform offers some of the highest interest rates in the P2P crypto-lending space, which starts at 3% and goes as high as 12% – depending on the respective cryptocurrency. The highest interest rate of 12% not only applied to digital coins, but to fiat as well.

In effect, you are treating your cryptocurrency holdings like you would with a traditional interest-bearing bank account. That is to say, you will be leaving your coins in the YouHodler savings account for as long as you wish, and be earning interest until you decide to make a withdrawal.

All you need to do is open a cryptocurrency savings account at YouHodler, deposit the funds, and that’s it – you can start generating a yield.


YouHodler savings accounts are a stress-free means to expand your earnings on idle cryptocurrencies.

Minimum deposits starting from $100, depending on the cryptocurrency you choose.

Being an online platform, you have access to your funds 24/7, with no extra steps required to check the status of a payment or make a withdrawal.

There are no additional fees for withdrawals

YouHodler, however, has set a few conditions for users to benefit from a savings account.

If you withdraw funds from your savings account prior to the end of the week, that week’s interest will not be accounted for.

You can deposit additional cryptocurrencies to your savings account. However, this will be considered as interest-bearing only from the following week.

You can hold your interest payments in your savings account, and which subsequently allows you to earn compound interest. If not, you can withdraw the funds out.


Open the “Savings” section of your YouHodler account.

YouHodler account

Choose your preferred cryptocurrency and press “Add Funds.” Depending on the cryptocurrency, here you can see the savings terms – including the interest rate, annual earnings, and more.

When the funds are added, you will start receiving weekly settlements

Click on the “Earned” page of the savings account to check your earnings.

Maximize your Profit with a YouHodler Savings Account

Regardless of how popular your chosen cryptocurrency is, the wider market is susceptible to high levels of volatility (at least in comparison to traditional asset classes). A YouHodler savings account offers a solution to this, as you stand the chance of earning a yield while at the same timer riding out the volatile crypto-market waves.

While the savings account comes with reasonable earning potential, YouHodler has also introduced a few other ways to maximize your profits. For instance, if you are earning interest on Bitcoin, you can use this interest as collateral to get a crypto-backed loan.

You can then use the funds to buy more cryptocurrencies which could be deposited in another savings account. Crucially, there are countless ways you can mix and match the different features at YouHodler to maximise your earning potential.

The more interest you earn, the more ways you have to expand your avenues in crypto-investing. To facilitate this, YouHodler has three features that are unique, and has different variances of risks.

Take a crypto-backed loan from YouHodler

Take advantage of MultiHODL

Open at least one Turbocharge Loan

Get a Crypto-backed Loan from YouHodler

One of the biggest pitfalls with a cryptocurrency investment is that traditionally – if you have a need to raise cash, you might be forced to exit your position by selling the coins.

You then have to factor in the cumbersome process of having to transfer the coins to a third-party platform, make the exchange, and then withdraw the fiat currency back to your bank account.

YouHodler lets you treat cryptocurrencies like any conventional asset class, and use the coins as leverage for a fiat loan. For an investor, crypt-backed loans are a convenient approach to hedging as an opportunity to enter the investment sector without facing the volatility of the market.

YouHodler dominates the cryptocurrency loan market with an impressive loan-to-value ratio of up to 90% and on a diverse array of 15 different crypto coins. Loans are available in the form of cash as well as cryptocurrency itself.

Even better, you can also leverage altcoins for a Bitcoin-loan and use this amount to invest in your savings account. The interest rates are usually dependent on the type of loan and its duration.


Getting your loan approved at YouHodler is as quick as it can be. You can start with a request for a loan using your preferred collateral. This can be fiat or cryptocurrencies itself. The waiting time is only a few seconds, and upon its completion, the agreed credit amount will be added to your wallet.

You can cash out the loan amount through a credit card withdrawal, or a bank wire transfer. If the loan is in cryptocurrency, users can proceed to use the exchange feature to convert it to other altcoins, stablecoin, or fiat itself. When you have completely repaid the loan, YouHodler will instantly give you the collateral back.

Where YouHodler excels in the loan department is how swift the whole process is. With a verified account, there are virtually no delays or any credit checks that are required to be completed.


YouHodler presents three types of loan packages. The parameters of each loan depend on its term.

Duration – 30 days. LTV – 90%

Duration – 60 days. LTV – 70%

Duration – 180 days. LTV – 50%

As you can see from the above, the longer the duration of the loan, the lower the LTV.

The one part where YouHodler sets itself apart is on its interest rates. Instead of calculating interest based on your collateral, it is determined by the type of your loan. The company charges the same interest to all of its users this way, regardless of how much credit they receive. YouHodler intends to reduce the interest rate along with its growth.

With this goal, YouHodler has also introduced an affiliate program to motivate its existing users to act as referrals for new Cryptocurrencies investors. Apart from providing individual bonuses, this program can also benefit the wider community if YouHodler is true to its work (by offering lower interest rates).

YouHodler Legit or Scam/Fake or Real

Is YouHodler Legit?

Let’s look at the facts:

  1. YouHodler has a solid team of experts with 20 Years of Experience in FinTech and Education Projects.
  2. YouHodler is a member of the BlockChain Association and the Financial Commission. This independent Association will ensure all YouHodler users have an outlet for dispute resolution outside of the YouHodler platform. If you think YouHodler fails to meet your expectations, feel free to submit a complaint and you’ll get a quick, unbiased and non-binding resolution.
  3. YouHodler Trustpilot review is Excellent. Even with this small amount of reviews, you can see that most customers are happy with YouHodler’s services. Expect to see more genuine reviews from users with the passing of time.

Is YouHodler Safe and Secure?

When it comes to security, here are a few important things that you need to know:

  • YouHodler works with Ledger Vault to secure your assets.
  • With Ledger Vault’s advanced custody and security options, you can be sure your crypto assets are safe with them. Plus, it’s covered by $150 million pooled crime insurance.
  • The insurance covers different risks, including risks of employee theft caused by collusion and third-party theft of private keys/master seed in the event of a physical breach of hardware security.
  • YouHodler has an insurance reserve of $1 million USD that will cover any loss of client funds.

While YouHodler is safe to use, it’s your responsibility to practice basic crypto security to protect yourself against human errors and potential attacks.

YouHodler Pros

  • User friendly and well integrated for beginners.
  • Large selection of cryptocurrencies. Earn up to 12% annual interest on Bitcoin, stablecoins and major cryptocurrencies.
  • Get weekly crypto compound interest payments
  • Safe and secure. All your crypto assets are safe guarded with Ledger Vault digital asset management system.
  • Quick and instant withdrawal.
  • Mobile app is available for both Google Play and App Store, making it easier to manage your crypto investment on the go
  • No fees for crypto deposits or withdrawals.
  • No credit checks – Putting crypto as collateral to get a loan is fast and easy.
  • High Loan to Value ratio (90% LTV)
  • Instant credit card and bank withdrawals
  • All funds are protected by Ledger Vault digital asset management system
  • Flexible repayment options

YouHodler Cons

The main disadvantage of using centralized platforms like YouHodler is that you don’t own the private key to your crypto wallet.

It’s worth mentioning that YouHodler has reportedly exposed 86 million sensitive customer data including credit card information and bank account details because it forgot to protect its server with a password. This happened in July 2019.

Ever since YouHodler has implemented two-factor authentication and email verification to enhance its security.

In addition, they also work together with Cloudflare and IdentityMind to check the security settings of their systems and prevent any potential leakage in future.

Remember, “not your keys, not your Bitcoin”.

No crypto platform is 100% fool-proof. If your crypto is in the exchange, they are not yours.

Essentially, you have to trust the platform that they will protect your crypto assets.

Regardless of which services you’re using – crypto loans, savings account, MultiHODL or Turbocharge, you’ll have to first transfer your precious crypto to your YouHodler wallet.

In this case, it’s good to know that your crypto funds are stored by Ledger Vault which use the industry-leading and independently-certified security technology.

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