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Work Access Permit

Hi, Welcome to my Fair and Objective Portal that brings the right information, Today am here sitting next to you and want to discuss something super with you. Yes it’s my Latest Post on Work Access Permit. In this Article you will be enlightened on how to apply for work access permit online all by yourself.

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This the New procedures to apply for work access permit for private sector.

Applying for work permit is automatically on you, I mean you must meet up the work requirements to be able to Apply and be Accepted. Yes that how it will go.

Below I fetch out something brilliant and I will put you through how it all work so keep reading.

How many types of work permits are there?

I know you wanna know this so here it is, There are seven main types of work permits: Hot Work Permits, Cold Work Permits, Height Work Permits, Confined Spaces Work Permits, Excavation Permits, and Chemical Work Permits.

Work Access Permit For Individual

The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) informs the public that Work Access Permits (WAPs) for self-employed individuals are NOT delivered by the MRA.

The Mauritius Police Force is the Institution responsible for the issue of WAPs. Did you get this one? Let me say it again. The Mauritius Police Force is the Institution responsible for the issue of WAPs.

Capacity meaning in Work Access Permit

Yes even me I wondered at first what it really mean so i made a research and this is what I got from my research. The capacity of a WAP is the number of users that it can support without a degradation of performance. These can vary from 10 or 15 for an old Apple Airport, for example, to 500 on one of the new high capacity WAPs on the market.

Am sure you get that, Let’s forge ahead.

How to Get a Work Permit in UK

Have you been wondering how you can get work permit in UK?


See what I got for you.

Let me take the bull by the horn here,

Before you can apply you must satisfy the following work permit requirements.

Requirements for Work Permit in UK

Have received a confirmed offer of employment from a licensed UK employer who will act as your sponsor; and

Be in possession of a Certificate of Sponsorship issued by your sponsoring employer; and

Pass the points-based assessment, details of which can be found on the category specific work permit pages listed below.

There are three main categories of UK work permit we advise on. These are:

  • Tier 2 General – Skilled Worker
  • Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer
  • Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa

The work permit application process is led by the employer who is responsible for issuing you (the applicant) with a Certificate of Sponsorship.

Employers who want to know more about Tier 2 work permits are advised to read the required section on Tier 2 visa information for employers.

UK Work Permits (General Category) & Permanent Residency

As a UK work permit holder you can qualify for permanent residence if you have lived and worked in the UK for a minimum of five years.

Once you have satisfied the five year requirement you may qualify for Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK, which can be then be followed by British Naturalisation as a UK citizen.

Intra-Company Transfers & Permanent Residency

As a UK work permit holder under the ICT category, you can qualify for permanent residence if you have lived and worked in the UK for a minimum of five years and was granted a Tier 2 intra company transfer visa under the rules in place before 6th April 2010 or had previous leave as a qualifying work permit holder.

Once you have satisfied the five year requirement you may qualify for Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK (ILR), which can be then be followed by British Naturalisation as a UK citizen.

Changes of Employment

If you wish to change employers you must get a new Certificate of Sponsorship from a licensed employer.

You will also need to undergo a reassessment against the current points test and the position will need to satisfy the advertising requirements of the resident labour market test (if applicable).

How they will help you.

Assessment of Your Personal Circumstances

They know that every case is different. The OISC registered consultants will be ready to listen, understand and provide you with accurate advice about the best UK visa route according to your personal circumstances.


Following the comprehensive assessment of your circumstances they will provide you with full details of all documentation they require to prepare and submit a successful work permit application on your behalf.

Preparation and Submission of Your Application

Once you’ve provided all of the request documents your dedicated case manager will collate all documentation and prepare your application in accordance with the latest immigration rules and requirements.

Advertising the Role.

If necessary, they can advise and assist with ensuring the advertisement placed meets the government criteria.

Application Monitoring and Liaising with UKBA

Your case worker will submit your application to the UKBA on your behalf and monitor progress, keeping you up to date at every step of the way. They will also manage any requests for additional information from the UKBA.

Then as soon as UKBA have approved your work permit application they will notify you immediately. The team of qualified immigration consultants know first-hand the stress involved with making a UK visa application and we’re on hand to answer any questions you have throughout the application process.

How to Apply For Work Access Permit

Here are the New Ways to apply for work access permit for private sector

Please find below procedures to apply for Work Access Permits for private sector:

  • Access the website
  • Click on apply for WAP in Grey banner
  • Select apply for Private company
  • Enter BRN , Mobile number and email
  • Enter One time Password received on mobile
  • Fill Applicant details including existing work access permit number and submit
  • Upload any documentary evidence that you may have (choose file from folder and then upload)
  • Go to ‘New application’ on top menu bar
  • Set application type to Recurrent and fill in other details and justification for permit
  • Choose list of employees by using template provided and upload
  • Click on submit to submit application
  • You can verify if application have been submitted in top menu bar by clicking on application.
  • You can verify list of employees by clicking on employees in top menu bar.
  • Your application is completed. You can use the same process to submit other applications that you may have.

FAQs on Work Access Permit

Wow wow wow, Am Super excited to answer few of your doubting questions.

If I were you I will ask this, Maybe you are even in same boat with me. Hahaha

Is this also your kind of questions?

How do I access the WAP on the beSafeMoris app?

On the ‘Access’ section on your homepage, input your NID and mobile number. You will receive a One-Time Password (OTP) which will allow you to open your WAP

What information is required after creating an account?

#For “Individual / Self-Employed”:

  • Make sure to fill in your name and surname as per your Identity card.
  • Fill in your address of residence.
  • Fill in your work sector. Choose from the auto-fill list or write one if not available.
  • Your email address and Existing Work permit are optional.

For “Private”:

  • Fill in the name of your company.
  • Fill in the address of your company.
  • Fill in your work sector. Choose from the auto-fill list or write one if not available.
  • Fill in the total number of employees in your company.
  • Fill in your name as per your Identity Card.
  • Fill in your Capacity/Post held in the company.
  • Your email address and Existing WAP are optional

How will I know whether my WAP has been approved? Will I be notified?

You will receive a link to view your WAP in an SMS and/or an email once your application has been approved.

Additionally, you can log in on the beSafeMoris app and go to the ‘Access’ section to view and download the digital and pdf format of your WAP

Can I modify an existing WAP application?

No, you cannot modify an existing WAP application once it has been submitted.

Can I modify the information details that I provided in my profile?

No, once the profile has been created, you cannot modify the provided information.

How many WAP can I apply for?

There is no limit on the number of WAP to apply for. However, given the current situation and to maintain social distancing, it is advised not to have a large number of persons present in one room at a time

How will police officers verify my WAP?

The WAP has a QR Code. At each checkpoint, police officers will be able to scan your QR Code and confirm if your WAP is valid or not

What if I cannot print the WAP?

You can download the beSafeMoris app on your smartphone. In the ‘Access’ section, you will be able to open your WAP and QR Code to show to the police officer

How can I check the status of my application?

Please log in to using your ID (NIC/BRN) to view the status of your application



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