VIDEOSPAYS Review, Is VIDEOSPAYS Legit or Scam, Real or Fake, Paying or Lies, Find out.

Videospays Review, VIDEOSPAYS is an online rating and reviewing site for Movie Trailers offering Passive income to our users.

All you need to do is to watch videos and earn on this New Ads and Movie Rating Site.

They have partnered with Film Sponsors and advertisers to provide you with many videos for you to Rate, Earn and WITHDRAW.

And in this review you will get to know everything about Videospays and what I got from my research Videospays is somehow related to Tunegaga, Seems they are partners, And at this juncture I became furious to know if this so called Platform will be legit, real, working, paying, genuine or Scam. I don’t know maybe all of this is another Hyping.

Because as the day goes by new online money making platforms will surface and we don’t know which one to go for as the number of Scammer sites surface.

But you will find out if this newly launched legit or Scam.

Let’s get started.



VIDEOSPAYS is a private company based in United States.

They have partnered with leading video and movie companies to bring you a platform that ensures both the advertiser and viewers are able to benefit and earn.

They are already certified in USA and many other countries in the world.

They promise to continue expanding and will soon be able to get advertisers and viewers all over the world.


  • Free 13 day trial
  • Earn By Rating Videos
  • Upload your Youtube videos for Reviews
  • Many Payment and Withdrawal options
  • Get Legit Youtube Views from our viewers
  • Earn Commission from Clients you Invite



As an advertiser, they give a platform where you can upload your content to 10million users worldwide to view and rate your content. In this manner you will get traffic for anything you advertise with them and get more sales with the platform.


As a viewer you get commission from watching videos from advertisers which is shared between the company and the viewer.

They pay per video watched and rated.

Videospays Registration/Sign Up


Register, subscribe to your desired package and start Earning by watching videos online and Rating them

Visit to Sign up

How Much do I Earn from my Referrals

VIDEO VIEWS COMMISSIONS You earn a lifetime commission of between 0.1$ and 0.2$ per referral view from your referrals who have subscribed to a plan.

Therefore, say your referral upgrades to the Platinum package you will earn 21$ daily from his/her views only.

NOTE: Free accounts don’t earn you video view commissions or subscription bonus referral income because of Fraudulent activities that occur when users open many free accounts and refer themselves just to earn referral income from them

How to Invite Referrals

To invite friends and family to be your referrals, login to your account and scroll down on the quick access links to get your unique referral Link.

Copy the unique invite link and share that with your friends and family on the social media platform of your choice.

Each member that registers using your unique invite link automatically becomes your referral and you earn referral income form their views on the platform

How to Make Withdrawals on VIDEOSPAYS

Cashing out on Videospays is easy. In order to withdraw, you need a Bitcoin wallet, Perfect Money account or Payeer to withdraw direct to your bank account.

If you don’t have any of the above you can download their apps on the Android or App Store or simply visit the websites to open an account for free and choose the withdrawal method that best suits you.

To withdraw tap on the withdraw button on the quick access links or on the My Money tab and choose the payment processor you are comfortable with then proceed to cash-out.

Once you submit your withdrawal request you will receive a confirmation code via email which you will enter on the withdrawal page to confirm your withdrawal.

The withdrawal request is sent to our finance team for processing & if all the payment details entered are correct you payment will be processed within the day. You will receive a confirmation email immediately the funds are sent to your wallet.

When Will I Receive My Funds After I Withdraw?

All withdrawals will are done on Tuesdays & Saturday BY 12NOON and after cashing out you will receive the funds on the same day.

To know the payment methods available in your country, please login to drop down list you see a list of payment methods available.

What is the minimum withdrawal on Videospays?

The minimum withdrawal for all the members is 20 USD. Once your account earning balance is 20$ and above you can withdraw your funds every Tuesday & Saturday.

Can I Withdraw Without Upgrading – Free Account.

Yes you can withdraw your earnings as long as your earnings are 20$ and above. However, the features on the free plan are limited.

Free accounts allow you to test our platform and understand how everything works. If you like it you can voluntarily upgrade at a time of your choice.

Free accounts do not earn referral income from every task their upgraded referral completes.

They don’t allow free referrals to earn you referral income from free referrals because we noticed most people abuse this feature and simply open multiple free accounts just to generate referral income leading to PPC Fraud (Pay-Per-Click Fraud).

How to Withdraw Using Bitcoins

Login to your Videospays account go to My Money click on withdraw, Choose Bitcoins as your preferred withdrawal payment method, enter the Bitcoin address linked to your Bitcoin wallet then enter amount you want to withdraw.

Enter the 4 digit pin you created when registering your Videospays account or reset it if you can remember it.

Once you submit your withdrawal request you will receive a confirmation code via email which you shall enter to confirm your withdrawal.

Once this is done the Withdrawal request will be sent to our finance team for processing & if all the payment details entered are correct your payment will be processed shortly.

You will then receive a confirmation email immediately the funds are sent to your wallet.

How to withdraw using Perfect Money

To withdraw using Perfect Money tap on the withdraw button on the quick access links or on the My Money tab and choose PERFECT MONEY as the preferred processor and enter amount Enter the 4 digit pin you created when registering your Videospays account or reset it if you can remember it.

Once you submit your withdrawal request you will receive a confirmation code (security code) via email which you shall enter to confirm your withdrawal. Once this is done the Withdrawal request will be sent.

How Long Will Videospays Last? is here to stay it became fully operational on December 2021 and we are planning and it will be on operation until 27/11/2027 Where they will elect new team to run the company,Current Team 5 years Goals is that,

They should have their own platform such as Youtube which will reward users per content posted.

Have their own cryptocurrency which they will pay our users and earn Rewards, they have more than 5 Million Users Worldwide and have offices on each Country To have paid to our users more than 50 Million Dollars.


YES, Videospays is owned and operated by VIDEOSPRAY LTD company registration number SL022133 and is registered in Edinburgh, Scotland, EH3 6SW.

For more details please preview the company registration details HERE

Is Videospays Legit?

Videospays Claim they are legit and profitable business online and no fraud will be tolerated, User can withdraw their money each Tuesdays and Saturday when they reach the minimum amount authorized to be withdrawn.

Videospays affiliate program is said to be safe digital marketing platform.

But you just can’t trust newly launched platforms as I and my team don’t know what the future holds. And newly launched platforms are very risky so don’t just upgrade to their plans without further research.

When Did Videospays Start?

Videospays has been in operations mainly in Europe and Launched in Asia, Africa and Middle East Mid Novermber 2021.

Currently they have centralised their operations Scotland where our management team is based.

In December 2021, they began expanding to over 180 countries world wide and have achieved this goal through their able partners and management team.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade- Subscription Plans

They have different pricing plans each with each with its own amount workload the number of Tasks.

To know the workload and cost of each plan please click HERE. Depending subscription plans it is valid for 2 Months,4 Months and 6 months you can switch between different plans at any time.

Free Account & Its Features

Free accounts have limited features and will expire after the 13 days. After expiry, all account functions are disabled until you upgrade to a premium membership plan which is valid for 2 Months or More.

Free accounts allow you to test our services & if you are impressed feel free to Upgrade to any of our premium accounts that are valid for 2 months or more.

Free accounts don’t earn you referral income because of Fraudulent activities that occur when users open many free accounts and refer themselves just to earn referral income from them leading to Pay-Per-Click Fraud. You can only earn referral income from premium accounts.

When you allow your account to expire the account will Lose all its Referrals. Expired accounts automatically lose their referrals because an expired account cannot be linked to an active account.

To avoid losing referrals ensure your account is Upgraded before it Expires.

How to Upgrade Using Coins.Ph Or Any Bitcoin Wallet

You can use any bitcoin wallet to deposit funds in your Videospays Purchase balance, which will be used to upgrade your account and get more videos.

You should have bitcoins in your wallet. If you don’t have funds in your wallet you can buy bitcoins quickly and securely in your country on Once done follow the below steps:

Login to your Tunegaga account
Identify the plan you want to Upgrade to by clicking on Membership Plans to see the available options, note the amount and plan you want to upgrade to.

Go to My Money and click on deposit choose cryptocurrencies and enter amount that you want to deposit to Videospays, then click proceed

On the next page, confirm your payment details

Copy the payment address generated then pay the amount indicated from your Bitcoin wallet

It takes a few minutes for the transaction to be confirmed

Once the funds reflect on your spending balance you can upgrade to the plan you choose using the funds in the spending balance by clicking on upgrade, choose the plan you want and proceed to check out.

Why Do You Charge for Account Upgrades?

They charge a small annual fee for our premium accounts to cover our administration costs and also cover the support costs attached to maintaining the platform stable for hundreds of thousands of users around the globe.

Feel free to test the services for the first 13 days. If you are happy and impressed with our services, you may acquire a premium account at a time of your choice.

Subscription is voluntary and you may also terminate it at any time by sending an email on

How Much Do I Pay when Upgrading from One plan Account to Another?

If you already have a subscribed to a plan and now you would like to upgrade to another higher plan with more Video tasks, you just need to top up the difference in pricing between the 2 plans.

The system will automatically calculate for you the difference in price from your current plan to the new one that you wish to upgrade to.

You can see this amount by logging into your Videospays account then clicking Upgrade and choose the plan that you want to upgrade to. Their system will detect your current plan and calculate the difference in amount needed to upgrade to the higher membership.

How to Upgrade Using Top Up Code Distributors

Login to your Videospays account & go to Top Up Code then Top Up Code Distributors.

Look for the Authorised Top Up Code Distributors in your country.

Contact any of them and ask them to sell you Tunegaga Top up Codes.

Once you agree on the payment method & amount, when you send the payment to your country’s * Top Up Code Distributor, he/she will confirm payment in the system.

A Top Up Code will then be instantly sent to your accounts, Purchase balance & you can use the funds to Upgrade your account.

NOTE: All the Top Up Code Distributors are thoroughly vetted, and for them to be able to sell Top Up Codes they MUST have funds in their spending balance, hence when they send you a Top Up Code the funds are deducted from their spending balance.

This is meant to ensure that your funds are always securely held in escrow. If you have any problem with your Top Up Code Distributor contact our support immediately and they will follow up on the matter immediately.

How To Activate an Expired/Inactive Account

Despite your account having expired, you can reactivate it by following the below procedure and retain the earnings on your free trial;
On your Login page HERE enter your login details then click login.

You will get a message that your account has expired, enter your password then click on re-activate.

Once in your account, you can proceed to upgrade your account now to be able to access all our features.

Why Do You Pay For Account Upgrades

They charge a Less activation fee every 6 months to cover your account administration costs, support costs, payment processing fees & other costs attached to maintaining your account & the platform stable for hundreds of thousands of users like you.

Feel free to test our services first for the 13 days and if you are disappointed just contact us we shall close the account upon your request.

Why Would Anyone Pay Me To Watch Videos?

Large companies and brands always want more consumers to find out about their upcoming films, products, and services. They need people to watch their content, and share it with their friends online.

But with all of the noise out there, it can be hard to find viewers. That’s where Videospays comes in. They connect you, the members, with these film studios, big brands, and other companies.

When you watch these videos and engage with the content, Videospays gets paid and they share a portion of those with users.

Can I Open Multiple Accounts?

Yes you can. There is no limit on the number of accounts that can be opened on one IP. address. You can open an account for a family member, friend or colleague and train them on how to use the platform.

Why am i not earning from the Videos I have watched?

This will only happen if you have already watched the Maximum number of videos allowed by the system for your current subscription.

The system does not block you from watching more videos the only difference is that you wont be paid for the additional videos or tasks you do over and above the account if you have not upgraded your account.

Conclusion on VIDEOSPAYS Review

Boom, the end of the review and I want to thank you for stopping by and taking time to read VIDEOSPAYS Review. And at this juncture we want you to tell us what you think about VIDEOSPAYS, Do you think they are legit and not Scam?

Meanwhile our team will keep you updated if there is any Scam Alert. So keep visiting.



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