How to verify your Google my business account with Phone Number

Google my business account with Phone Verification

 Verify your Google My Business Account with Phone number (Verification 2021 Method.)

It will be a big problem if you don’t know how this trick works, I mean to verify your Google my Business Account with Phone Number.

I remember vividly how many times i struggled to verify my Google my Business Account to no avail.

Yes I tried my best. I apply every possible means to get Approved(Verified)

YouTube is always a companion whenever am in need of something, But seems like the almighty YouTube Failed me, Yes that was exactly how I felt because I watched alot of Videos yet the answer isn’t forth coming.

At a time I give up trying again, meanwhile have already given up twice.

Likewise I also know about the benefit of Local Seo, that getting your business details appear on Google is something every business owner needs.

So I kick start again fighting the Unfinished war of getting my Business Profile on GMB.

And this time around I really mean the fight and I don’t wanna be defeated the 4 time.

I blow hot this time, I promised myself that if I fail to win this war I won’t ever try again.

Yes and then in other to win these battle I had to try another leg.

After waiting my time out thinking my Pin will arrive for me to verify my Google my Business Account, hmm I receive no such thing, all the effort I put in was just complete waste of time.

And this was the only Option I go for and it worked for me and am here to share my Joy with you.

Now I will show you the step by step method I used in verifying my GMB account.

According to GMB, Phone verification don’t come just like that. It’s depends on how you set your account to have this option of Phone verification.

The Google Guidelines

Before you start your verification, make or claim a Google My Business profile.

Most local businesses verify by mail. Some businesses, like service area businesses, can verify by email, phone, or Search Console.

After you verify your business, they may ask you to review your info and make any final changes.

It may take a few weeks for your business info to show across Google.

After your info is live, you can check it in your Business Profile. To find your profile, search for your business name and city in Google Search or Maps. Search results can vary for many reasons. The results shown for you may differ from those for someone else.

My Method.

Remember I said setting up your Account to Suit Phone verification is all to Google.

And as you read this article, there is no post on the internet concerning setting up your GMB to fit Phone Verification.

But this is what I did that worked for me.

I used my name, not Company name, To set up my GMB Account.

What I did was just adding my name which is already appearing on Google to set the Business Profile.

Yes and they requested I place in my Phone Number as an option to get code which I did.

They sent Code immediately I place in my number and I input the number on required field and that was how I was verified Instantly.

You can See my Verified Account here.

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My Second Method to get Instant Verification.

This one shock me,

Yes because I didn’t get any verification code but I was verified.

What I did is this.

I first of all set up my Business through the Map, For Google to accept my Business Location and then my details appeared on Google immediately but without been Verified, I mean partially verified because the Location was accepted and been included on Google.

The next thing I did was to go Online by searching my business which is online without full verification.

I went straight to click on the Manage business with the Email associated with the account and Boom it was verified.

YES, verified without verification Code.

And here is my other verified Account.

How to verify your Google my business account with Phone Number

Verify your business on Google Before Editing

To update your business name and other info on Google products, you must first verify your business. When you verify your business, you can check that your business info is accurate and that you’re the only one who can edit it.

It’s the ideal thing to do, Verification before Edition, If you are not yet verified and you make changes up and down, then you give google reason to suspect you and not to verify your Account.

So immediately you request for verification no more Editing. Hope you Grab.

Though this post is not accompanied with Videos and Graphics but I hope to come with a full one… Which you will follow to verify your Account. Meanwhile you can Chat me up on WhatsApp and I will tell you how to do it if you need me to hold you by the hand.


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