Tunegaga Scam not Legit, Forget all the Hyping

Tunegaga Scam

Tunegaga Scam Questions Answered

Hello Friends, Are you one of those that have been hearing about Tunegaga or maybe you are new to it. (Tunegaga Scam) This question as been the other of the day as Tunegaga Promote new artist on its platform were user watch videos to earn.

And then Everybody seems to be curious, even the users that have been credited by watching videos. They want to know if Tunegaga will pay out as claimed or all Hyping.

Okay here is an honest review, This review will let you know if (Tunegaga Scam) and we want to let you know if Tunegaga is legit, Real, Paying, Genuine or Fake, Maybe we can call it scam as you may name it.

But before you name it scam or legit, Read to the end.

Let’s get started and hit the jackpot.

What is Tunegaga

Tunegaga.com is an online earning platform that Claims to pays it’s members money for watching video on their platform.

According to the Platform “Tunegaga is a platform that PAYS YOU money for watching online videos! Probably you have been trying to work on some online earning sites before to try make money. You do a lot of small tasks but you never actually see the $$$.

Tunegaga is different, instead of “earning points” and withdrawing gift cards, Tunegaga is very clear and transparent about how much real money you will earn for every online task you complete & you can withdraw it directly to your wallet in $$$. To check out how much you can earn please click here to compare our plans.”

How Does Tunegaga Work?

It’s really easy. After you create an account, we’ll send you an activation code on your email, you watch a short video on Tunegaga Tv and then get paid ₦164.31 to ₦328.61. You can choose to work on the Free Plan.


Login to watch a short video on Tunegaga TV


You’ll get paid a minimum of ₦164.31 up to ₦328.61 for your full attention. You don’t earn when you open other tabs when the videos are pplatform


When you reach ₦8,215.29, withdraw it to your Bank Account or Bitcoin wallet every Payday on Tuesday & Friday.


Share your referral link with a friend & earn more from him/her for every video they watch.

How Can I Get More Earnings on Tunegaga.com?

Once you signup on Tunegaga you get a Free Account that you can use to start earning immediately on Tunegaga.

If you would like to upgrade to any of our premium plans you can do so at anytime. You can also refer friends using your unique referral link and earn upto ₦10,269.12 daily from your referral. Compare Subscription Plans Here so you can choose which to go for.

How to Make Withdrawals on Tunegaga

Tunegaga Scam

Cashing out on Tunegaga is easy. In order to withdraw, you need a Bitcoin wallet, Perfect Money account or Payeer to withdraw direct to your bank account.

If you don’t have any of the above you can download their apps on the Android or App Store or simply visit the websites to open an account for free and choose the withdrawal method that best suits you.

To withdraw tap on the withdraw button on the quick access links or on the My Money tab and choose the payment processor you are comfortable with then proceed to cash-out.

Once you submit your withdrawal request you will receive a confirmation code via email which you will enter on the withdrawal page to confirm your withdrawal.

The withdrawal request is sent to our finance team for processing & if all the payment details entered are correct you payment will be processed within the day. You will receive a confirmation email immediately the funds are sent to your wallet.

Please note that withdrawals are on Tuesdays and Fridays and the minimum withdrawal is 20$.

How to upgrade my Tunegaga account?

You can upgrade your Tunegaga account, which allows you to get more daily tasks daily with our available payment processors: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Coinsph or Visa/MasterCard. To upgrade you first need to deposit the amount needed to upgrade to your Tunegaga spending balance.

When Do I Get Paid on Tunegaga.com?

At Tunegaga, they have bi-weekly payments to ensure their members have a constant stream of income. You can withdraw your earnings every Tuesday and Friday. After withdrawal all funds are sent to the chosen withdrawal method or wallet shortly.

Is Tunegaga Scam or legit?

Tunegaga Scam

Here comes the big question of the day, It been a top question that need through answer.

Okay, Let me dish out what I think about Tunegaga Platform and then I will as well bring to light what other users are saying about Tunegaga.

To me, Tunegaga is wise platform, Why I said that, Don’t you think the platform will just fetch you money like that without you investing on it.

Yes they use your brain to make their money. A business man for you that is to say this so called free platform for watching video for 30s and earn is a well planned achievement.

On a free plan you will watch 3-4 videos per day and that will earn you N450+ in Nigeria Money.

And the free plan will expires in 2 weeks making it difficult to earn to the level of getting paid. Because of that you will have to upgrade to get paid.

And this is the most disturbing part, what if you upgrade and at the end you don’t get paid or unable to withdraw.

As they don’t allow you to withdraw to your bank. So with this upgrading before everything will work well for you might turn out to be the SCAM we all are afraid of.

Now Let’s get to what people are saying about it.

According to Trustpilot, the reviews are mixed feelings, some say the platform is genuine and paying, others said its having issues to withdraw. Making the trust score low despite the fact that the platform is popular and everybody is joining it.

Though at this point we can’t fully say tunegaga is scam or legit but let’s watch out for the outcome. For the mean time please be careful and go for further reviews before even thinking of upgrading.

This is also what Facebook have to say about Tunegaga

Conclusion on Is Tunegaga Scam

This is were we will end the review for now as I will Keep researching and make update. What can you say about the platform, do you also think tunegaga is Scam, Please drop your comments below.

And if you want to try out the free plan sign up with this CLICK HERE



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