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What Is SHILL Token?

SHILL Token is a utility token of Project SEED – a AAA Game Studio building mobile-focused blockchain gaming ecosystem that utilizes Multi Blockchain and integrates Governance, GameFi, and NFT.

SHILL Token uses cases include:

  • All in-game transactions
  • Staking to receive various benefits
  • Governance votes to determine the project development

3 on-chain key elements: NFT + DeFi + DAO

NFT: Players can create their own NFT and make it their own assets with fixed supplies that are tradeable in the in-game NFT marketplace.

There are 2 types of NFT marketplace on Project SEED to foster game assets liquidity: P2P & Rental Marketplaces.

DeFi: The in-game DEX features an In-App money changer where players can buy and sell tokens with several token pairs. It is also the platform to stake in liquidity provider tokens, which will give out SHILL tokens as rewards.

DAO: Players govern the world and the ecosystem. Voting will be available on the platform for the players to propose and vote regarding game development, world advancement, equipment development, etc.


Zeds Taming: Players go on adventures and find Zeds they can tame and spawn to bring along in the adventure. When catching a Zed, players have 2 options: keep or defeat. Defeated Zeds give players loot items that can be used to craft armors and weapons. Zeds and loot drops will be determined by how much the player is willing to stake their tokens.

Cooperative Adventures: Players can play the story together with 3 other players. There will be special quests where players have to play together with their friends only to fight the bigger and harder mythical Zeds.

Tournament Battles: Players can enter tournaments to beat other players and also to show off what Zeds and armors they have. Tournaments are divided into a solo or team players, and the winner of the tournament will win cash prizes distributed in SHILL tokens into their wallets.

Guild Wars: Guilds can enter tournaments to battle with other guilds for rewards. It could be solo or team battles, where players have to be in the same guild to build a team. There will also be special co-op events to defeat Zeds that are unbeatable if playing solo.

How Many SHILL Coins Are There in Circulation?

Initial Circulating Supply: 27,250,000 SHILL.

There are 27,250,000 SHILL coins of initial circulating supply. However, SHILL coins are not available yet.

Who Are the Founders of Project SEED?

Project SEED is a group of +50 entrepreneurs, designers, artists, and developers with rich experience in art, design, and game development in popular titles such as Call of Duty, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Marvel Vs Capcom, Soul Calibur, Dreamworks.

They have a strong passion for revolutionizing the gaming industry by blockchain.

Liko Subakti | CEO

Over a decade worth of experience as a traditional entrepreneur and business development, turning a small company into a multi-million company in net revenue Angel Investor who invested in over a dozen of crypto gems. Worked for Binance as a Community Manager and SEA Angel Manager before moving to Crypto.com as Community Manager for Indonesia

Alex Setiawan | CTO

Seasoned technologist and leader with experience in multiple industries with over 2 decades of experience building softwares at Boning TripAdvisor, and Lexus. Extensive experience in planning, implementing and supporting complex infrastructures and tactical solution

Baskoro Hadi | CSO

Worked at Savage Entertainment in Los Angeles for 6 years as a 3D and SFX artist for games such as Transformers”, Scooby Doo” and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Then continue working at Vriday Studio in Indonesia as the Creative Director and 3D artist and manage a team of programmers and artists to develop applications and games.

Mohammed Elelu-Bashir | COO

Creative director of APCL’s projects team that built Concost. Upuzzle and other noteworthy software. Served as advisor to Abitnetwork with direct growth impact on user base by 800,000 and sourcing of $1.2M capital investment. Notable experience at Binance and a community manager at Crypto.com.

Dinh Thi Thao Trang | CMO

Starting as a journalist in the no.1 financial newspaper in Vietnam and later moving onto SEA PR Manager at Binance and PR Head for Binance Charity Foundation, Trang has made important contributions to Binance in its early days stepping into the SEA market.

 SHILL Token Tokenomics

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  • 25% – Play-to-Earn
  • 15% – Staking
  • 5% – Community Treasury
  • 12.5% – Protocol Development
  • 10% – Marketing
  • 7.3% – Team
  • 11% – Seed Sale Round
  • 13% – Private Sale Round
  • 1.2% – Public Sale Round
  • Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 SHILL
  • Initial Circulation Supply: 25,250,000 SHILL (excluding LPs)


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