Satorify Review: Is Satorify Legit or Scam, Find out

Satorify Review

Welcome one more time to Desire Paul latest Post on Satorify Review. Is this so called Satorify Legit or Scam, Find out.

Satorify Review: What is Satorify

Satorify is a fun way to learn new job skills and achieve your personal goals in the gig economy. Their simple website gets you earning in minutes and they provide quick, no-fee payments with their security tokens.

At its core, Satorify is a tool their members use to achieve their goals. What is it that you aspire to? They take your goals in stride and set you on a path to reach them by providing access to a diverse number of micro tasks and jobs.

Further, the Satorify platform provides increasingly in-depth training for its members. That means the more their users progress, the more skills and abilities they develop to use in the real world!

They built Satorify to be fun and rewarding. They made the website simple and intuitive, and it tracks your progress toward the goals you set for yourself. As you progress, you will unlock badges and certifications that allow you to take on higher-paying roles. With Satorify, you will always be leveling up.

They look forward to helping you grow and to growing ourselves! They have a lot planned for the future so stay tuned. In the meantime, why not start earning? Opportunity awaits at

How Does Satorify Works

Start Earning Now: Satorify has hundreds of unique tasks for you to complete to earn valuable tokens called CLM . There is never a cost to you.

Level-up Your Goals!: Cash out your CLM or apply them toward Cards you collect to win prizes. Satorify is here to help you set and accomplish your goals!

How Does Satorify Quests Works.

The new feature on Satorify allows members to complete daily, weekly and monthly Quests to win the coveted Shapeshifter Card.

Members who earn the Shapeshifter Card can trade it for ANY specific Card in the game, including one they are missing to complete their Card Collection. All it takes is a little work, but once you complete it, a prize is almost guaranteed!

Here are the tasks involved in each Quest:

Chests are your chance to win Cards or Cryptocurrency Credits just by opening them. Each Chest randomly awards either Cryptocurrency Credits or prize collection cards based on a formula set by Satorify. For example, each Chest that is opened may have a 30% chance to award Cryptocurrency Credits and a 70% chance to award a collection Card.

This formula is for example only and actual formulas may change over time. Formula changes will be at the discretion of

Currently there are five (5) types of Chests on – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Epic and Legendary. Silver Chests contain lower value awards. Legendary Chests contain the highest value awards. By default, a certain number of Chests are available to users every day.

However, users can increase the number or types of Chests they receive by leveling up (moving to higher levels) or through other actions on the site.  Here are the ways Chests are awarded:

Collecting Cryptocurrency Credits – the principal way to earn Chests is by collecting  Cryptocurrency Credits. The more Cryptocurrency Credits a user collects in their account, the higher level they will achieve and the more number and value of Chests will be eligible to open.

Active Time Awards – Users can earn Chest chances by remaining active on the site. The longer a user stays on the site, actively participating in tasks or other actions, the number and value of the Chests increases.

Referral Milestones – In addition to earning Cryptocurrency Credits for referring new users to, users can participate in Referral Milestones (see below) and earn Chest chances. The more referrals a user sends to  the site, the higher the number and the higher value of the Chests they will receive.

Satorify Referral Program

Referral Tournaments have launched and each Satorify user has been automatically registered and placed in a referral tournament group!

The top 10 winners in each group will win prizes, including CLM and Bitcoin.

It’s easy to win. Just refer new users to Satorify and earn tournament points. Members can multiply point totals by leveling up their rank. The higher your rank level, the higher your multiplier.

Tournaments run continuously for two weeks at a time, so start referring now!

Be sure to check the tournament info and rules on the tournament page.

What is CLM in Satorify?

Satorify users perform tasks on the website and earn cryptocurrency credits that can be redeemed for real cryptocurrency and exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD on one of our partner exchanges.

How to Deposit CLM in Satorify

If users want to Power-up or buy Shop items, but don’t want to risk dropping out of their current rank, they now have the option to deposit CLM into their Satorify account to use. Users can access the deposit page from the Account menu. You can also deposit from The Shop or from the CLM Power popup.

CLM can be transferred from any ERC-20 wallet or purchased on 2 exchanges:

Purchase CLM on

Purchase CLM on

As you can see from the below images, the 3-step process is simple, but it’s important that you follow the instructions carefully or you will not be able to complete your deposit. The address in the image below is only an example. DO NOT SEND CLM TO THE ADDRESS IN THIS IMAGE!

Users are limited to one (1) deposit every 24 hours

Users have 35 minutes to complete their deposit once it is initiated. We recommend that the user purchase CLM before they start the deposit process

There are a limited number of wallets available to users for depositing, so locking a wallet for 35 minutes may cause other users to be placed in the deposit waiting room until a wallet becomes available.

A user who locks a wallet for 35 minutes without depositing more than three (3) times in 10 days will be temporarily banned from depositing.

All deposited CLM will be segregated from the cryptocurrency credits earned while using the system.

Outside CLM deposited into the system can only be used in the system and cannot be withdrawn.

Please be sure to save the Transaction ID of the deposit. It is necessary to complete your deposit.

How do I withdraw my CLM tokens?

Once you reach 5000 CLM and have provided up-to-date and correct KYC (KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER), a withdrawal button will appear allowing you to start the withdrawal process. Please bear in mind that even though we try to process withdrawals within 2 weeks, it can take longer depending on the withdrawal queue. Satorify is a very popular site and we check each withdrawal for accuracy and to be sure terms have not been violated.

Is satorify Legit.

Is legit? This are your questions,

But look here.

Satorify is the revolutionary platform that connects the world’s employers with the world’s microtask workforce, bringing the gig economy to eager Satorify members in emerging nations.

Satorify allows remote, net-connected individuals to increase their own – and their community’s standard of living by providing access to a range of jobs posted by distributed employers and configuring them into primary or secondary income sources.

In addition to providing affinity-based, specific, measurable gigs to remote workers, Satorify also provides its distributed workforce with tools and training.

So, in addition to their own gig, workers can create and manage their own online teams, turning them into entrepreneurs overseeing and deriving additional income and pride from the activities of their virtual teams.

There’s no investment required, so the chances of it being fake are minimal, we only worry if it is effective?


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