Ruby Paw Airdrop Requirements & Details

Ruby Paw Airdrop

Hi and Welcome to DesirePaul Network Our next round of the Airdrop is here — the “Ruby Paw Airdrop”

Ruby Paw Airdrop 2022

Ruby Paw Airdrop

On November 8th at 9:30 PM PST there will be a total of 1000 Airdrop Mystery Boxes that will be obtainable when holding 500B (billion) in Catgirl Coin at the time of the claim.

Please be aware if you have previously claimed Airdrop Mystery Boxes, you will not be eligible to partake in this Airdrop.

Unlike our previous Airdrop, there will not be a whitelisting period, this Airdrop will function on a first come, first served basis, with a limit of one Mystery Box per holder. Keep track of our Airdrop timer on our website to get ready to claim your own!

There is a chance that your attempt to claim the airdrop will not succeed, in this case you may still pay a gas fee if the 1000 boxes run out.

Not eligible for this Airdrop? Not to worry!

If you don’t qualify for this current Ruby Paw Airdrop requirement, don’t be alarmed! There will be a lot of upcoming opportunities to claim an Airdrop Mystery Box. Our goal is to provide a chance for any of our holders to be able to acquire an Airdrop Catgirl NFT. For future Airdrop claim opportunities make sure to follow us on Social Media!

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