User doesn’t need to deposit their fund in their Royal q account as the bot only trades with user fund in their binance or Huobi account, and the bot doesn’t have access to withdraw funds in their account but only have access to execute a trade hence user have the assurance that their fund is secured while using royal q to carry out their automated trading activities.

Royal q bot claim to select a specific crypto coin pair and make a trade automatically within which it is the value of the activation fee of $120 user paid and it’s working as claimed

Considering this, the royal q bot is legit as it delivers the service it claims to provide but then, trading with bot-like royal q is not safe owing to the fact that it promises to always make a profit on every trade executed by the bot.

But then, the reverse is the case as there were many lost of a capital report by the majority of users prior to the wrong/unprofitable trades executed by the bot which result in massive loss of capital as in the case of a user below.

Coinbag Finance

Meanwhile, most reviewers are only after the commission paid by the robot thus they don’t care to inform their invitee of the risk involved in using the royal q bot for automated trading.

Hence we tagged the Royal q robot as a high risk tool prior to the false information provided on their website I.e royal q Bots make a profit on each trade and no loss on any trade executed by the bot.