Reta Wars Reviews (Jan 2022) How does Reta Wars Works

Reta Wars Reviews

Reta Wars Reviews 2022 Jan

You are reading the Article Reta Wars Reviews, Reta Wars is a next generation strategy game. Simple / intuitive get with depth where each choice matters, strategically deploy you heroes to navigate the battlefield, acquire resources, and contribute to the victory of your nation. Reta Wars’ P2E gives more rewards to the victors of the war.

New generation P2E strategy Recruit Heroes, Win the War, and get Bigger Earning.

Reta Wars is a P2E game that must be used strategically while collecting and nurturing NFT heroes that are constantly in demand.

And they have prepared a special plan to keep this going for the long term. It is a special token ecosystem that blocks the potential risks of NFT games and ensures stable sustainability.

Reta Wars is the beginning of that metaverse,  They decided to call it retaverse. They are preparing to provide you with a unique P2E experience by following the white paper and roadmap.

Let’s get Started with the Review

What is Reta Wars/ Reta Wars Reviews

Reta Wars is a strategy game where you choose one of two factions, and the winning faction takes bigger rewards.
All resources produced by two factions are distributed in coins according to the results of the daily war.

Reta Wars Reviews

Features of Reta Wars/ How does Reta Wars works

  • Reta Wars
  • Reta Wars Reviews (Jan 2022) How does Reta Wars Works
  • Reta Wars

NFT Based Play-to-Earn Medival Fantasy Game

No need for fast reflexes and countless commands. Carefully Crafted thoughtful moves driving your strategy is all that is needed.

Reta War Roadmap


All the currencies will be governed by transparent and codified rules. 

Total Supply

100,000,000 $RETA

  • 5% Private-sale
  • 2% Pre-sale NFT/LP staking
  • 20% Operating fund
  • 35% Platform reward pool
  • 3% Marketing/Event
  • 5% IDO
  • 5% for Advisor
  • 10% Company assigned
  • 15% Team

The Reta Wars TEAM

Industry-leading experts in the blockchain and gaming industry with an average of 10+ years of experience.

Is Reta Wars Legit or Scam


As per our research Reta Wars is legit and not Scam.. You can actually play and earn. Though I can’t guarantee you the future that there will no be any kind of issues. As of the time of writing this post, we can say it’s something to look up to.

Meanwhile we will keep updating this post and if we find out anything fishy about the Website we will sure let you know.

And in the next post we are going to be discussing how to claim or get Reta Was Airdrop for free.

Reta Wars Faqs

Is this a free to play game?

No, this is not a free game.

Today, many P2E games generate a lot of cherry pickers and abuse in the process of distributing free revenue to acguire users.

They are aware that this can be a risk that disrupts the ecosystem of existing players.

They believe that one of the most important things in Play-to-Earn games with NFT is to work for the benefit of the holder.

So, in order to Play-to-Earn in Reta Wars, every player must have at least 1 NFT Hero

What type of game?

This game is a Game-Fi that aims to achieve good results by forming and managing one’s own army made of NFT assets.

It contains elements of strategy simulation to foster and deploy key NFT assets, and to obtain greater rewards if the country you belong to wins the war.

Sometimes, the best strategy for the country’s victory may be decided in cooperation with other people.

Can I play yet?

Reta Wars is in development. They have recently successfully completed their private sale, and we are currently preparing for a pre-sale. Marketplace and Compound NFT Hero will be introduced in Q1 2022.

When is the game playable?

In Q1 2022, we plan to open a market where NFTs can be traded, and release Compound that can make NFT heroes stronger. In the second quarter of 2022, the production facilities will be unveiled.

How much does it cost to play the game?

There is no charge for play itself, but at least one NFT Hero is required to use the core features of the game. And $RETA can be used to make your NFT assets stronger

What platforms does the game run on?

Most functions can be handled by a web browser. And one of our 2022 roadmap schedules, the massive battle (a.k.a Reta War) simulation, will require a dedicated launcher.

Is it new player friendly?

Reta wars is a game that is simple and intuitive, but makes you think about better choices. We will provide as much information as possible to help commanders make decisions

When will we see a trailer or teaser?

Q1 2022, when launching the marketplace and NFT hero compound.

Do need a highend phone to play the game?

Reta war is a carefully calculated simulation based on the combat power and resources of NFT heroes. We are preparing to operate according to the device in various specifications.

Will new players need to know about blockchain to play the game?

No, an understanding of blockchain would definitely be of great help, but an understanding of blockchain shouldn’t be the qualification of the game. We are carefully preparing to avoid confusion by those who have no understanding of blockchain.

Can make multiple accounts?

It is limited to one account per one wallet adress. so You can have multiple accounts for multiple adress. However, Reta Wars is designed to perform best when nurtured by focusing on one account.

What can do with NFT Hero?

Now: Heroes acquired during the pre-sale period that can be staked to earn $RETA in advance. (hashrate depends on the hero’s grade.)
Next: NFT Heroes are a key asset for P2E revenue in Reta Wars. All content that produces resources and participates in war requires a hero.

A hero can only focus on one thing at the same time, so if there are many heroes, there will be a lot of things that can be done.

Conclusion on Reta wars Reviews

Thanks alot for stopping by to read Reta Wars Reviews. How do you see the site, Do you think it worth our time and effort. Please keep a note at the comment section below.


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