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Lion Share Review 2021: Is Lion’s share smart contract Legit or Scam


Welcome to my Lion Share Review and Smart Contract. This article will open your eyes to everything you’ve been trying to know about Lion’s Share. The Amazing part is that the post is very detailed.

Let’s dive in already.

What is Lion’s Share

Lion’s Share is a smart contract that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The platform is decentralized, and every transaction is simply per-to-peer(members account are not managed by the company).

From what I gathered, the platform operates an MLM commission structure that will create a 100% commission flow for every member.

Lion’s Share was launched on the Ethereum Blockchain on the 13th of July 2020.

It is stated on the website that;

The smart contract can never be hacked.

All transactions are verifiable on the blockchain.

Lion’s Share has no physical location, and I could not get any information regarding its owner on its website.

On further research, I discovered that the CEO of Lion’s Share is James Ward; a guy with so many dark histories in the MLM scheme.

Lion share review 2021 or Lion share Smart Contract Review: All you need to know.

Here is a complete Lion share Tron Smart Contract Review,kindly go through it and drop your comments below.

Lionshare is a newly launched smart contract platform based on Ethereum blockchain. While several people are willing to learn about Lionshare, it’s fascinating that the newly launched platform maintains a risk-free and completely decentralized peer-to-peer system.

If you’re well conversant with the popular Forsage smart contract platform, you’ll quickly grasp what Lionshare is all about.

Quite interestingly, one of the beautiful sides to Lionshare is that you can make money on the platform without having referrals. Also, more than good news to conscientious investors is the fact that Lionshare is a self-regulating platform, making it difficult for hackers to compromise the smart contract system.

As you read this post further, you’re certain to learn how Lionshare works and find out the easy steps for registering with the smart contract platform.

Lions share Smart Contract Founders

Lionshare is a company that builds a smart contract project, managed by top leaders James Ward, Alfredo Toledo, and others.

Lion's share Founders

James Ward (Left) and Alfredo Toledo (right)

Meanwhile, during the pandemic lot of smart contract companies emerged with their respective smart contract projects.

Lionshare first launched its smart contract called Lionshare ethereum smart contract that works in ethereum Blockchain.

Just a few hours after launch a lot of individuals turn to millionaires. But then.

Things got burst up and the gas fee or miners fee for Ethereum was freaky high that new members were unable to pay for it.

With this effect, a lot of people worldwide backed out from ethereum smart contract and then switched to Tron smart contract.

And that the reason the same companies that where launching ethereum smart contract, start rebuilding new smart contract that works on Tron Blockchain.

But then, you have to be careful because most of these companies are looters with the intention of robbing the public of their hard earn cryptocurrency.

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Things you Need to know about LIONS SHARE

  • You’re paid directly to your wallet account
  • You are paid automatically and immediately you earn
  • You don’t need to request withdrawal, because before you know that You’ve even earned, you’ve been paid.
  • LIONS SHARE website cant shutdown, because it is built under blockchain
  • Even the founders of LIONS SHARE cant change the rule
  • LIONS SHARE cant be hacked
  • LIONS SHARE is a lifetime contract
  • In LIONS SHARE the levels can never expire
  • Joining LIONS SHARE requires a one time buying of 0.4 ethereum
  • LIONS SHARE you can turn 0.04 ethereum to 700+ ethereum with time, teamwork and hard work
  • LIONS SHARE is not a get rich quick scheme
  • In LIONS SHARE you get rich gradually and consistently
  • In LIONS SHARE you earn when you don’t refer anyone
  • In LIONS SHARE You earn when you refer
  • In LIONS SHARE you earn when you upgrade
  • In LIONS SHARE you earn with multiple spillovers from uplines and downlines
  • In LIONS SHARE you earn when your upline refers
  • In LIONS SHARE you earn when your downlines refers
  • In LIONS SHARE you earn when your downlines upgrade
  • In LIONS SHARE when 1 person joins, 2 people Earns
  • In LIONS SHARE we trust
  • The earlier you join LIONS SHARE, the bigger your chances.

How Your Earnings/Commission is been Paid On Lion’s Share Smart Contract.

Lionshare claims it doesn’t maintain any right over the payment of commissions. Still, Lionshare members are guaranteed instant and direct payment of commissions. As a Lionshare member, the payment for the commissions you earned will be promptly made into your Ethereum wallet, meaning you don’t have to worry over delayed payments.

Lionshare gives room for peer-to-peer payment and the advantage of this is that members do not have to worry about unknowingly revealing sensitive data (such as wallet address and personal information) to attackers. In other words, there’s optimum safety for your sensitive data since Lionshare isn’t able to store your personal details.

  •  All commissions with Lion’s Share are paid directly and instantly to our members. The company is never responsible for making a commission payment.
  •  You will never have to wait a day, a week, a month, or even a minute! Payments are made instantly to your Ethereum wallet!
  •  Since payments are made peer to peer, Lion’s Share does not store any of your personal information or your wallet addresses.

Requirements To Register on Lionshare Smart contract.

The only requirement to participate in Lion’s Share is to have your own Tron Wallet.

These are simple and free to set up! It’s recommended you download Tron wallet if you are using an Android or IOS.

  1. You need to complete the setup of your wallet before getting started.
  2. All commissions with Lionshare are paid directly and instantly to Lionshare members. The company is never responsible for making a commission payment.
  3. You will never have to wait a day, a week, a month, or even a minute! Payments are made instantly to your Tron wallet!
  4. Since payments are made peer to peer, Lion’s Share does not store any of your personal information or your wallet addresses.

How to Earn on Lionshare Smart Contract Platform

Lionshare offers two earning segments namely L1 and L2. Notably, there are 16 ways of earning under each of L1 and L2. As a registered Lionshare member, you can opt to earn with both L1 and L2 at once, meaning you’ll be earning in 32 ways. Meanwhile, this comes at a very pocket-friendly cost as you need just 0.045 ETH to get started.

It’s noteworthy that Lionshare adopts an automatic reopen feature for you to continually earn commissions the more you generate referrals. Quite interestingly, you’ll be making only one-time payment and still stand the chance to earn continuously.

L1 and L2 Lion's share

How L1 works?

Well, L1 serves as the repository for all the personal referrals you have on Lionshare. In L1, you’re entitled to all your initial two sales, meaning you’ll get 100% of these sales. However for your third sale, it’s your upline that will be entitled to it, hence helping to reopen your matrix.

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You’ll stand the chance to generate more income with L1 as you sponsor people who thereupon follow you. Meanwhile, all of the people you refer to Lionshare will follow you unlike on Forsage smart contract where #3, #4 and #5 tend to separate from you at a particular point and instead follow your matrix’s #1 and #2.

Most importantly, earning with L1 necessitates possession of the package that produces the commissions. Your failure to possess this package will cause your upline (or the nearest possessor of the package) to receive the commission instead of you.

How does the L2 package work?

The L2 package of Lionshare introduces you to teamwork via Lionshare’s dynamic follow-me matrix. By this teamwork, you’ll enjoy the freedom of partnering with people.

Notably in L2, your upline is entitled to the initial two sales (in your matrix) but for the subsequent third, fourth and fifth sales, you’re entitled to 100% which you’ll get instantaneously. Just like your initial two sales, your 6th sale will be passed to your upline, paving the way for your matrix to reopen and making you earn continuously.

Lionshare Registration Process

Lionshare registration process isn’t any hard to attempt but you’re expected to have an Ethereum wallet before you can get started with the registration. If you’re yet to set up an Ethereum wallet for yourself, you should download Trust Wallet from Google Play. Then, endeavour to perform the necessary wallet setup so that you can successfully register on Lionshare.

Below are the instructions for registering on Lionshare:

  • Launch the Trust Wallet app you downloaded from Google Play
  • Fund the wallet with 0.08 ETH
  • Explore the Dapps section of your Trust Wallet app
  • Then, copy the link
  • Enter the search widget of your Trustwallet app and paste the copied link in it
  • Doing the above will cause Lionshare’s registration page to appear
  • Select the Join Now button on the page
  • On the emerging payment page, select Purchase
  • You’ll be taken back to your dashboard once the purchase is successful

Is Lion’s Share Legit? Or Lion’s share smart contract Legit or Scam?

To answer this, let’s start from how good the business model is.

Lion’s share has a very good business model that would have been remarkable without the pyramid |MLM scheme.

Let’s look at the some of the reasons I think the business model is amazing;

It is decentralized, thus, people’s money is not laundered by the company owner.

The price for each package is cheap and commission structures are not exaggerated.

According to the company’s claim; it is a smart contract and can never be hacked.

It is transparent; everyone can view the smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain; Etherscan.

However, there has never been a law stating that; any business with a well-defined model is legit and not hoax.

So, is Lion’s Share a Scam? I will be giving the reasons why it could be a scam below.

1. Who gets the Lion Share?

Lion’s share runs a pyramid scheme, It has no strong drive that makes it feasible to last for a longer period of time except for deceptive claims.

From the company’s claim and compensation plan, it is obvious that the owner wants to accumulate more Ether for himself.

Imagine when millions of people use his affiliate link to recruit member? Now that makes him the lion on the platform!

2. It is Decentralized and so What?

Lion’s share claims to be a decentralized platform, whereas, the bigger portion of the Ethereum goes to the owners, presumably, James and Edgardo.

And if you ask me, I will simply say that these two; James and Edgardo are only hiding their Ponzi under the guise of a “decentralized Platform”.

From the look of things, it is almost certain that Lion’s Share would one day come crashing and when that happens, there will be no one to hold responsible for it.

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3. James Ward; “the bad guy” in MLM niche

James Ward, Lion’s share CEO, has been “the bad guy”in the MLM niche since 2010.

He has promoted so many failed matrix cycler programs and worst still, has endangered people’s money in the past( as I listed above).

Now he is the same guy fronting Lion’s Share. Guess the same old story will be told of Lion’s Share later.

4. What is the platform’s gain?

If the company gains nothing from the investment, how then, are programmers paid?

It is not natural that someone would spend so much, paying programmers to build a contract just for the people’s sake, except he is running a charity platform.

5. It is only a referral program

Yes! Lion’s Share is a smart contract, but have you stopped to think about this: what sustains it on the Blockchain?

Will the smart contract be of value, when there is no one else to refer?

6. How Secured is the smart contract?

From what I learned so far, in the cryptocurrency niche, a poorly coded Smart contract can be hacked.

In the past, millions of dollars have been stolen from smart contracts that contain bugs.

How sure are we that Lion’s Share smart contract is very secured?

Finally, Lion’s share is not regulated by any financial institution.

14 Facts Lionshare Tron smart Contract is Safe

After serious research we found out top 14 reasons why Lionshare Tron smart contract is not a scam and how it quite different from the Ponzi scheme.

  1. It is Built and verified on the Tron blockchain.
  2. It is 100% Decentralized.
  3. No Admin is Involved.
  4. No withdrawal request required because payments are automatically transferred to individual wallets directly.
  5. Instant Member to Member Payment directly to your wallet by smart contract
  6. It is Impossible to Hack.
  7. Impossible to Scam
  8. No-Risk at all
  9. With only 200 Tron (TRX) (N3000) ONE TIME startup cost.
  10. Earnings from various levels are paid directly into your Tron wallet by smart contract
  11. This is not MMM and it is not PH/GH type of platform
  12. It is a binary level earning system.
  13. It is a 100% open-source smart contract system.
  14. It is 100% Guaranteed

Benefits to Working With Smart Contract Technology and Lion’s Share

  • 100% Decentralized

Lion’s Share is a peer to peer matrix platform. All payments go directly to the members! You will NEVER have a company mismanage your funds!

  • A Compensation Plan That Can Never Be Changed

How many times has a company changed a compensation plan, and it only benefited the company? NO MORE! The Smart Contract can NEVER be changed.

  • 100% Transparency

All transactions will be verifiable on the blockchain. You can view all of the transactions from ALL members, so you know exactly how the company is growing.

  • Simple & Duplicatetable

Duplication is crucial in any business. We have designed a simple plan that anyone can have success with. There is no recruiting required in order to earn your Lion’s Share. If you do refer others you will earn quicker, but it is not a requirement.

  • Anonymity

We do not collect any of your personal information during the signup process. There is no KYC information collected ever. This is your business and your company.

  • Verified Smart Contract

Using the most advanced programming team and state of the art technology we have created a Smart Contract that can never be changed or hacked into. It is located directly on the Blockchain, and is secure.

  • No Boundaries

You can do business from any country in the world with the exception of the United States. There are no limits to the amount of people you can reach or geographical boundaries that stand in your way. Lion’s Share is for the World!

  • Affordable to the Masses

Regardless of your current financial situation you can get started earning your Lion’s Share!


How do you see the Lions share Smart Contract Review, Do you think you can go for it. Drop your Comments below so we can discuss it together.

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