IZEA Review, Shake Pre-Registration Referral Program

IZEA Review

IZEA Review ( Dec 2021)

Hi and welcome to IZEA REVIEW: Up to $250 Per Referral at Shake Pre-Registration Referral Program. In this review you will know how Izea Works.

IZEA is offering a special referral program to select influencers during the Shake pre-registration period.

The program is designed to spread the word about Shake, and compensate those influencers who can help them build a vibrant marketplace.

Active IZEA users can apply to be considered for the referral program.

What Is IZEA

IZEA is a content and influencer marketplace. In fact, it even started before influencer marketing even had a name.

IZEA has been a pioneer of influencer marketing software. As of now, IZEA is more known and popular than the majority of its competitors.

I have been loving using IZEA especially when it comes to discovering new influencers. I have used many other tools of the same type but they were good for basic searches.

How does Izea Works

(once you apply and are accepted into the program)

1. You create original content encouraging people to sign up at Shake, making sure you use #ad or #IZEAShakePartner in your content to clearly disclose your relationship with us, in accordance with FTC guidelines.

2. Include your unique referral code in the content posted to your followers. This is important, it is how we make sure you get credit for your referrals. Your followers must add your referral code during the registration process, where indicated.

3. For every new person who signs up AND creates an approved Shake that makes it through the review process you get paid an amount based on the below schedule for the first Shake:

$20 for any new user registration + approved Shake; or

$50 for any new user registration + approved Shake for a social channel with 100,000-499,999 followers; or

$75 for any new user registration + approved Shake for a social channel with 500,000-999,999 followers; or

$100 for any new user registration + approved Shake for a social channel with 1,000,000-4,999,999 followers; or

$250 for any new user registration + approved Shake for a social channel with 5,000,000 or more followers

4.  IZEA will make the final determination of which completed Shakes meet the criteria to qualify as a valid referral. Payments of referral fees are made within a five (5) business days following the end of each month for all qualifying paid completed Shakes to your PayPal account associated with your IZEA account.

IZEA Review

Pros and Cons


  • One of the major pros of using IZEA is that it is not too expensive as compared to many other options out there which makes it affordable for everyone.
  • IZEA has a pretty good, decent, and courteous customer service team which is awesome in answering all your queries at any time.
  • IZEA lets us easily connect brands with influential content creators as well as publishers.


  • Unfortunately, IZEA does not have a very user-friendly interface as compared to other options out there which makes it a little difficult for all users to use.
  • The interface functionality is not as smooth as it is supposed to be. Sometimes, there seems to be a problem when engaging with influencers during the content creation process.
  • However, IZEA has a great partnership that tackles these issues and resolves these as well.


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