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General Accident Car Insurance Quote

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General Accident Car Insurance is a car insurance specialist based in London, Has told that the Company was first established in 1885.

Since the time of being founded, General Accident or general accident car insurance has since been involved in numerous mergers culminating in its merger with Norwich Union in 2000.

The General Accident brand is now a trading name of Aviva and was reintroduced in 2013. It now provides car insurance directly and through price comparison sites. Policies are underwritten by Aviva, which is a FTSE 100 company.

General Accident Car Insurance Quote

General Accident Car Insurance Quote.

To get General Accident Car Insurance Quote you will have to make sure you get your Car registration ready and visit Aviva and they will attend to you in a minute. It’s as fast as that, yes they will look up your details directly with the DVLA.

You’ll find below indicative car insurance quotes at General Accident:

Drivers’age      Monthly premium

18 years old     £107,80
40 years old     £44,46
60 years old     £32,78

These quotes are for a comprehensive car insurance – eco car, clean record driver, Liverpool.

General Accident Car Insurance Quote Comparison

General Accident offers cheaper car insurance for those on a budget. Our recent check of 50 postcodes for a sample 30-year-old driver of a 2017 Ford Fiesta showed General Accident prices were some of the cheapest available and were roughly in line with brands like (another Aviva brand).

Average premium over 50 sample post codes for a 30-year-old driver of a Ford Fiesta.

Churchill: £416 £508

General Accident: £510

Darwin: £567

Swinton: £589

Diamond: £598

Admiral: £602

Elephant: £606

Hastings Essential:  £608

LV:  £673

More Than:  £752

General Accident Car Insurance Quote

Quotes will vary drastically for different driver profiles and cars, and on different days, so you may need to pay more or less than these sample rates. Use this information as an indication of how an insurance provider might compare in terms of price, although this can also change.

General Accident Car Insurance Reviews

Let’s take 2 minutes to read the general accident car insurance review

General Accident car insurance might suit those looking for cheap car insurance, but beware that it’s an online insurance brand so you won’t be able to call and speak to anyone in customer service over the phone after your policy is up and running.

Existing customers do have one opportunity to speak with customer service—during their renewal window from when they receive their renewal invite until the renewal date, when a contact number is displayed within their online account.

After reading through customer reviews, it seems that the best way to reach General Accident is by messaging through the General Accident Facebook page. There is a 24-hour helpline for claims, glass repair and accident recovery, however.

3 Things to Know About General Accident Car Insurance

  1. A good way to reach General Accident is by messaging through the General Accident Facebook page
  2. General Accident is a part of Aviva, one of the biggest UK car insurance companies
  3. According to multiple customer reports from drivers with telematics plans, General Accident may cancel your policy if you’re caught speeding excessively (e.g., 45 mph in a 30 mph zone)—if you needed another reason to stay within the speed limit!

General Accident Telematics

General Accident offers a telematics plan for those who want to save more on their car insurance and are safe drivers. Besides receiving an initial upfront discount, your driving behaviour throughout the year will be taken into account at renewal. There’s an app to go along with the black box policy, for which you’ll need to have a smartphone with iOS7 or Android 4, or higher.

Depending on your car model, you’ll either get a small plugin device that you install yourself or, if that’s not an option, they’ll send out an engineer to professionally install a more suitable device in your car.

Drivers taking out a General Accident telematics policy should be aware that extreme or consistently bad driving behviour may result in cancellation of your policy—this can include, for instance, being caught speeding.

General Accident Features

Here is a high-level summary of General Accident comprehensive cover features for policies bought direct from the General Accident website—remember, these are always subject to conditions and exclusions, which you can read about in the policy documents.

How much does General Accident car insurance cost?

Costs of General Accident insurance car policies vary widely based on different factors such as:

  • The driver’s age
  • The date on which they received their driving licence
  • The type of car
  • Expected repair costs if the car is damaged
  • The performance, safety and security of the car
  • The driver’s address and how busy the streets in the neighbourhood are
  • Who drives the car (any additional driver on the policy)
  • The driver’s record of accidents and claims (number of injuries, No Claim Bonus etc.)
  • Insurance taxes.

General Accident Car Insurance Phone Number

Telephone support

When can I call you on the telephone?

We provide customer service over the telephone Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00, Saturday 09:00-15:00 and Sunday 10:00-14:00 for the period from when you get your first quote and then up to 28 days from the date your policy begins. (Just remember to have your quote number ready.)

After 28 days, once your policy is up and running, we will no longer provide telephone support, but you can always email our Customer Services team. Of course, you can call our dedicated UK claims line day or night should you ever need to make a claim.

You can also manage your account online, make amends yourself without an administration fee, access your insurance details and print policy documents whenever you want.

Watch the below video to find out about the customer services support that’s available to you while you’re renewing your General Accident policy.

Do you offer telephone support?

We’ll provide telephone support once you’ve obtained your first quote with us and then for a period of 28 days from the date your policy begins. (Just remember to have your quote or policy number ready.)

After 28 days, once your policy is up and running, we don’t provide phone support. Of course, if you need to make a claim, you can call our dedicated claims line anytime.

You can save time and money by managing your policy yourself online anytime via My account without having to call them.

You can also email their Customer Services team. If you ask us to make a change to your policy, we will charge you £30 plus Insurance Premium Tax at the current rate. Depending on the nature of the change (i.e. a change of address or car), we may need to change your premium.

Where can I find the telephone number?

We’ll provide telephone support once you’ve obtained your first quote with us. You will find our telephone number on the price comparison site or on the quote summary page on our website. You must have your quote number to hand to call us.

We also provide telephone support for a further 28 days from your policy start date. You will find our telephone number by logging in to My account and scroll down to “My policies” section. You must have your policy number to hand to call us.

After 28 days we will no longer provide telephone support. You can manage your policy yourself online anytime via My account without having to call us. If you have any questions you can also email our Customer Services team.

If you need to make a claim please login to My account to access 24/7 dedicated claims line number.

How can I speak to someone at General Accident?

How it works

Make sure everyone is safe before getting in touch. If anyone is injured, or you are stuck at the roadside it is best to speak to us directly, so please call us now to discuss your claims.

If you are reporting a new claim we will be able to help you faster if you have some or all of these details to hand:

  • Your policy number
  • The registration number of your car and any other cars involved
  • The names and addresses of anyone else in the incident, including your passengers
  • Specifics about what happened and the damage to your car
  • Reference numbers from the police, if they were on the scene

Save time by making your claim online. If you need to make a claim, let us know the details straightaway. We’ve made it quick and easy to do.
Simply click start claim. Or, if you need to talk to them directly, call 0345 030 7956.

General Accident Car Insurance Renewal.

You can renew your policy from 28 days before your renewal date.

They’ll send a renewal invite e-mail to you with your policy details and premium for the upcoming year at least 28 days before your renewal date.

They’ll send your invite to the e-mail address you gave us when you originally bought your policy. Please remember to check your junk mail folder.

If you need to change your email address, please email their customer services team at

If your policy is set to automatically renew and you don’t need to make any changes, then you don’t need to do anything. We’ll renew your policy using the payment details shown in your renewal invite e-mail.

You can renew your policy in two ways:

  1. My Account
  2. You can renew your policy by logging into your My Account.

Firstly, please check your current policy schedule and make sure that all your information is correct. It’s important that you make changes before you renew your policy. If you don’t, it could invalidate it.

If you’ve opted to automatically renew your policy, you’ll see a notification of your pending renewal and the following options:

  • Amend my renewal
  • How to renew
  • I don’t want to renew

If you need to make any changes to your policy before you renew it, then please click on the option to Amend my renewal button. If you’re happy with your renewal, then you don’t need to do anything as we’ll automatically renew the policy for you.

However, if you’ve opted out of auto-renewal, you’ll also see a notification when you log into your My Account. But if you want to renew your policy, you’ll need to actively click on the Renew my policy button.

Once you click on the Renew my policy button on the notification, you’ll click through to the checkout page screen and be presented with two options.

If you want to go straight through to the payment section, just click on the, I want to go to payment button.

If you need to make any changes to your policy before you renew it then click on the I want to review my policy details first button.

  • By Telephone

During your policy renewal period, we’ll give you telephone support for 28 days before your renewal date. Please check your documentation for the correct number to call and have your policy number ready so we can help you with the following:

  • Answer questions about your renewal price

Explain how changes you’ve made to your cover may affect your premium

  • And of course, renew your policy

Is General Accident a good insurance company.

In this part we are going to find out if General Accident is a good insurance Company to work with or a Complete waste of time.

Trust me you will get your questions answered as I dish out all the answers direct from Trustpilot.

Here are the answers from reviewers from Trustpilot.

General Accident car insurance quote
General accident car insurance review on Trustpilot

Ryan Barrett

Great price for insurance, can’t complain so far.

Hey, insurance is insurance innit, we all treat them like dirt once they get too expensive for us. I bought a new car and my then insurance company GoSkippy wanted 3700 quid out of me to insure it for the year. Nope, did a quote with Compare The Meerkat and got General Accident coming in around 1200 quid. Wasn’t keen on the black box myself but I had already paid the deposit for the car so had no choice.

Took out the policy and got a text through when I had set it up to start from asking me to get in contact with Vodafone to set up an appointment. Had one scheduled for the weekend but they rang me the day before letting me know the engineer was off sick and rescheduled for Wednesday when I was at work.

Wasn’t any skin off my teeth as they offered to come and install it where I worked.

The installation itself went smoothly; he came into my workplace and I handed over my keys. He got it fitted very quickly without damaging anything (always a result) and so far, after having it fitted for a couple days, it’s been working perfectly.

I don’t speed, don’t harshly accelerate, nothing like that and I’ve been hitting 70/80% out of 100%. Only thing that’s been working negatively against me is the time of day that I travel due to me having quite an irregular shift pattern but I was assured this wouldn’t be a problem in the long run.

It’s early days and General Accident could turn out to be absolute rubbish but considering they’re a part of Aviva and have been around for donkey’s years, it assures me that hopefully I will have a smooth 12 months of being insured with them. If you’re in the market for cheap insurance, don’t drive around like a maniac and actually follow traffic laws, I’d give this crowd a go

Brian Owens.

Simple.No fuss

Competitive price from a long established company.

Nicholas Moore.

Good prices,easy system fast and good…

good prices,easy system fast and good service

Susan RUST.

reasonable site to work on and…

reasonable site to work on and understand


Great simple service


Great job

Great job, easy switch over, very good price, glad to be back.


Started of on the wrong foot – Bunch of morons

Started of on the wrong foot. One day before the guys are supposed to come and install the black box I’ve received about 5 reminders they will come…

Now here’s the problem. EVERYTIME I’ve been told someone will CALL the day before they are meant to come because guess what, NOBODY TOLD what time they will come.

And I can’t just stay home all day and try to guess what time they will come? WELL IT WAS 8 AM. And they sent me an email at 7 AM and that they’re on their way as if everyone reads their email at 7 AM. Are you guys genuinely reta rded or are you just taking the pi ss?

I cam home from at 2 AM. WHAT THE FU CK makes you think I wanna be woken up at 8 by the telematics company. I nearly had a heart attack I didn’t know what’s going on. Nevermimd to say I had work again the next day.

I know it’s now the fault of the actual guy who came. It’s the fault of these fat fuc kers sitting in an office somewhere, reta rded call center operators sipping their coffee, uncapable of doing the only thing they are hired to do – CALLING.

I swear to god I’ll rip off the black box with my own hands if you dare score more less than perfect after this.



Easy to work through the application…

Easy to work through the application and saved me over £120 on my renewal.

Mr Peter Richmond.

Arrived at this site via a comparison…

Arrived at this site via a comparison site. Price was by far the lowest for the cover required.

Kashif Khan.

Brilliant service thanks.

Ben Connor.

Straight forward easy to follow

Straight forward easy to follow. Fair price,very happy.

Friend of Ted.

Great quote price

Great quote price. Easy to pay and register. No problems.

John J

Easy to navigate website and a good…

Easy to navigate website and a good price which includes some essential extras.

Very easy process

Very easy process. Price looks good for a range of coverage options.


very good to use site

Deborah Hancox

Very easy to do online.

Very easy to do online. The cheapest, but also the most cover.

Mr dennis wray

I tried to do this by phone but had… I tried to do this by phone but had difficulty with either phoneline or accent of telephoneist but with help decided to do the purchase online and found this very easy and saved £6.18p on the price I am delighted with the service thank you.

Final Verdict on General Accident Car Insurance.

Here is the last Soup in the pot, Let’s be strict here now, I will be frank with you that getting the general accident car insurance deal is not all about the price.

Yes if you focus on cheap deal you might end up making a wrong calculation as it will be a big problem when getting good payout if you ever involve in car Accident.


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