Evermine Reviews (Is evermine.us.to scam or legit?)

Evermine Reviews

Hi Friends, we have something to show you about Evermine.us.to, In this EverMine Reviews you will know if Is evermine.us.to a scam or legit. 

Making money online is easy this days and also it hard to know the right platform that is genuine, Real, Paying or Scam and that is the reason we come up with this honest review.

And today we are talking about EverMine make money online site.

What is Evermine.us.to

Evermine Reviews

Evermine.us.to is a newly launched platform that is similar to chainmine.io and in Evermine you can make money through Bitcoin Mining and  the good thing about this new platform is that, you don’t need to invest in it before making money.

EverMine.us.to Website Overview../ Everything you need to know.

Do I have to pay/invest in order to start mining?

Absolutely not. You receive 1,000 GH/s (1 TH/s) mining power immediately upon your registration. Any additional power purchase is not required.

Q. Why do I need to enter my email address during registration?

Your email address serves as your username and it is absolutely required that you have an unrestricted access to your email inbox.

They do not add you to any mailing lists and do not give or sell it to any 3rd parties.

Q. How do I upgrade my mining power?

You can upgrade by using your actual balance or by sending BTC to the deposit address provided by EverMine.

The upgrade is a subject of a minimum required amount (currently, it’s 4.5 TH/s).
Using your balance immediately allocates new power while the transfer of BTC from your other wallet requires at least 5 confirmations from Blockchain (Bitcoin network).

Q. How do I withdraw coins I mined and is there any administrative fee?

There are no fees for withdrawal on their side, however Blockchain (Bitcoin network) charges a «miner fee» for the transaction (a tiny portion of the sum being transferred).

PLEASE NOTE that first three of your withdrawals are a subject of random admin approval and in such case one of the admins will manually review the request and then you will receive an email with a confirmation link which you have to click on in order to proceed with your withdrawal.

All other withdrawals are processed automatically in a timely order (first come first serve).

Q. How does Evermine Referral program work?

You get your own referral link upon the registration and it is displayed on your Dashboard. You can copy the link and send it to somebody and/or post it to your Social Networks.

You receive FREE 0.1 TH/s (100 GH/s) for each registration with your referral link.

Q. How much mining power can I purchase and when it expires?

Maximum allowed power upgrade is 12,000 TH/s (12 PH/s).

The mining power does not expire and continues to work until a decision of the stopping the mining would be made by EverMine shareholders.

In that case the the allocated mining power will be converted back to Bitcoins (by residual value) and those fundds will be available for withdraw.

Q. How much power is available there for new miners?

As per August 2021, we are able allocate at least 360,000 PH/s (360,000,000 TH/s).

Q. Do I need to be online for 24/7 for mining and where are the coins are actually mined?

No, you don’t. You use you computer or phone only for monitoring and controling purposes.
All mining is running on our data centers in British Virgin Islands and Kazakhstan.

Q. How long do you operate?

We started Bitcoin mining operations with comparatively small pool of private investors (who then became our shareholders later) in February 2020.

Later on June 2021 it’s been decided to upgrade our hardware to allocate more mining power and to open a mining service for general public, which started in August 2021.

Complete Review Evermine.us.to

Webshop Evaluation

This kind of website is rather rare. It is still considered young (less than one year) but already is very popular (it has a lot of visitors every month).

While some sites (especially social media) can grow, very quickly, in a very short amount of time, there are also scammers who are able to boost traffic.

They can do this by offering deals that are too good to be true (but do get them a lot of visitors) or are using technology to send a lot of visitors to their website without the user actually being aware of it.

Technical Evaluation

This website is using an iframe or other technology to include content and functionalities located on another website. We consider this suspicious. Most professional and large scale websites hardly ever do this.

Evermine Review

Key facts

Alexarank: 77818

Backlinks: 460

WHOIS data: hidden Website data:

Website: Evermine.us.to

Website Name: EverMine

Description: Mine your Bitcoins with 1,000 GH/s FREE bonus power

Website Speed: VeryFast

Tags: Registration Possible, Helpdesk, Language – English

Is Evermine.us.to Legit or Scam

It is too early to say that EverMine is Legit or Scam. In as much as we don’t want to officially tell the public that EverMine is Scam or legit, we are still having something that will prove if this Newly launched bitcoin mining site is Scam or Legit, Paying or all Hyping.

Check out the reviews we got from Trustpilot. With this you can decide if you can get yourself involve with this platform or not.

Meanwhile you can as well tell us what you think about this Platform in the Comment section below.


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