Doggy Inu Review 2021: Is Doggy Inu a Good Investment? Find out

Doggy Inu Review

Welcome to Doggy Inu Review, Doggy Inu is a decentralised and community governed token powered by BSCSCAN. In this Article you will also know if Doggy Inu is a good Investment.

With Doggy Inu, holders earn passive income through static reflection while watching, their balance of $DOGI grow Indefinitely.

What is $DOGI/Doggy Inu Review

Our goal is to be a top contender in the crypto space

Doggy Inu is a fork of SafeMoon Protocol with Three simple functions occuring during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn.

This is a Community driven project. Doggy Inu is a deflationary meme token with antiwhale mechanism which has now been growing into a massive community of crypto enthusiasts. Each user is in theory an equivalent owner and contributor to the network.

Every trade contributes toward automatically generating liquidity locked into PancakeSwap. Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection while watching their balance of $DOGI grow indefinitely.

Doggy Inu Coin

$Dogi Total Supply


Community Governed

Ownership Renounced

LP Locked

LP locked using

Doggy Inu Contract Address


$DOGI Roadmap

Q2 2021


Pre-sale has been done with DOGI going for:
1BNB = 1 Trillion DOGI

DOGI is currently listed on Pancakeswap.

Ownership Renounced.

Q3 2021

Logo on Trustwallet

Update token information on BSCSCAN

Listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko


An NFT marketplace for DOGI holders is in the works.

Charity Funding

Proceeds from this project will be going into personal development and charity funding in Africa and other developing countries around the world.

Q4 2021


DOGI coin is the birth of OreoSwap finance which will be coming in the last
quarter of 2021.

A decentralized exchange platform on Binance Smart Chain with staking, yield farming and liquidity pool protocol. DOGI coin will be one of
the coin accepted for staking when OreoSwap is launched.


Token Symbol : DOGI

Total Supply : 1,000,000,000,000,000

Token Price : 0.0000000003997

Decimal : 9

Contract Address : 0x373849e1dbee104d67afff1b73703de4fd96294e

Tax : 2%

Liquidity : 2%

How To Purchase $DOGI/ How to buy Doggy Inu

Every investor is an equivalent owner and contributor to the network.

IMPORTANT: Whether in Metamask or Trust Wallet, it’s vital you tap on the ‘cog wheel’ and set slippage to 7% and increase in increments until accepted (this is to avoid the trading bots).

UPDATE: Issue seeing coins? Anyone that has issues with TrustWallet not showing their $DOGI coin, make sure you copy and paste our token address in the contract address bar and make sure decimals are set to 9 (not 18).

Buy BNB through Binance and setup Trust Wallet.

In Trust Wallet, tap on ‘Receive’. Then copy / paste your personal address into Binance and send the BNB (this can take a short while)

Once it arrives to Trust Wallet, select the BNB, tap on “More” and “Swap to Smartchain”

Open the browser on your phone, paste ‘trust://browser_enable‘ into the address bar and follow the prompt to take you back to Trust Wallet

On Trust Wallet, tap ‘Browser’ in the menu & look for Pancake Swap. ‘Connect’ it to your wallet.

Select the amount of BSC you want to convert. Tap ‘Select Currency’ and paste in this address: 0x373849e1dbee104d67afff1b73703de4fd96294e.

IMPORTANT: Tap on the ‘cog wheel’ and set slippage to 7% and increase until the transaction is accepted (this process avoids the trading bots).

Press the ‘swap’ button and you’ll have $DOGI coins in your account (there will be a delay in the coins appearing in your wallet.

Also watch this video on how to go about .

Is Doggy Inu a Good Investment

We all love to ask this question right?

Take just 2 mins to glance through this sleek whitepaper:

Reasons why you should buy Doggy Inu Coin

Now 3 reasons why you should go for Doggy Inu – $DOGI

  • Backed by the community
  • Still new (best time to get in)
  • Inbuilt profit generation system for Holders (Auto Redistribution)

Buy Doggy Inu – $DOGI on Pancakeswap ✅
I call Doggy Inu – $DOGI the “Crypto Democracy.

Built for the community, Backed by the community, for the community.”

Act fast.

Think $DOGI.

Is Doggy Inu coin Legit or Scam.

So far so good Doggy Inu has no bad record or whatsoever, therefore we cannot say Doggy Inu is scam. So at this point of writing this post we can say for now that Doggy Inu coin is legit and not Scam.

We are ending the Doggy Inu review here but we will make sure to update you if there are any changes in the platform.


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