Cryptoblades Review: Cryptoblades Price Prediction, Play and Earn

Cryptoblades Review

Welcome again to another brilliant article on Cryptoblades Review and Cryptoblades Price Prediction. In this article you will get to know everything Cryptoblades entails.

Have you ever invested in crypto earlier? Just imagine if trading and earning tokens could be as easy as playing games. Now it is possible because you can get Crypto-blades tokens by defeating others.

People worldwide are checking the way to purchase them, and the search states that the Crytoblades can also be converted into the currency of the Philippines that is PHP.

Please read this article till the end to know the conversion of Cryptoblades to PHP and other essential details which you need to acknowledge before investing in it.
Crypto has gained immense popularity all over the world. Crypto digital coins are used to buy goods and for other services. Cryptocurrency is based on cryptography which helps to secure your online transactions. The known cryptos are Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many are on the list.

This writing will explain a crypto, Skill Crypto Blade Token, and its trending news circulating all over Venezuela, the Philippines, Argentina, Spain, and Brazil.

About Skill Crypto Blade Coin:

Crypto blade token is named as Skill token as it earned by playing games, is the first Defi token which allows value to NFTs hence keep game’s fund within the liquidity pool. Cryptoblade games like Blacksmith, Combat, Plaza, and many others on their official site can play and earn coins. Players can craft weapons, defeat enemies and also trade their weapons on the market. The most profit-gaining traders are the players, as they are rewarded based on their skill and efficiency.

The company of Cryptoblades holds an experience of 7 years and holds numerous awards. The skill tokens earn after every winning allows you to exchange with other currencies according to your need. Also, check the benefits you get while exchanging Cryptoblades to PHP.

Cryptoblades Review

The most important part of CryptoBlades is the game contract and maintaining enough $SKILL to always be able to pay out players when necessary.

The main mechanism of tokenomic control is the oracle, which informs the game contract about the current dollar value of SKILL and is used to stabilize the different game functions such as minting NFTs and fight payouts to maintain a stable dollar value.

The flow of SKILL in and out of the contract is controlled by the faucets and sinks present in the game.

A faucet is an activity that distributes SKILL to players and a sink is any activity that consumes SKILL. Due to the limited supply of SKILL, a balance between the two is vital to game health.

Faucets in CryptoBlades distributes SKILL to players, and the rewards pool that the faucets use is replenished by any sinks in the game.

About Cryptoblades

The current faucets in the game are as follows:


The current sinks in the game are as follows:

  • Recruit Character
  • Forge Weapon
  • Reforge Weapon
  • Marketplace Tax
  • Early Withdrawal Tax

Future gameplay features will determine the balance of faucets and sinks, which the developers will carefully manage. In-game events can act as “tokenomic levers” to drive the flow of tokens in and out of the contract.

Skill CryptoBlades Token Founders:

Skill token was developed by Riveted Game’s most experienced team member who works as a blockchain developer, back-end developer and front-end developer are Daniel Karsai, Raymond Hammarling, and Kyle Kemp. The owner of crypto blades is Philip Devine. The riveted game company is an award-winning company and was founded in 2014.

Price Prediction of CryptoBlades

The current price is $36.60. The tokens have experienced the price change of $9.98 in the last 24-hours. Also, the actual rise in the price of Cryptoblade is by 39.07%.

According to the research, the prices will be as follows in coming years.

The price of the Skill Coin will go high in the future, and it was predicted to go up to $288.04 in 2023. Check the list below:

Jan 2023: $258.69

Mar 2023: $266.06

Jun 2023: $280.59

Sep 2023: $348.78

Nov 2023:$ 288.04

It shows the price will increase by the mid of 2023, but it may fall back by the end.

Cryptoblades to PHP

We must know that to buy these Skill tokens, and you have to exchange with other currencies. The value to compare while exchanging is 1 Skill token is equal to 1688.81 PHP. But you must keep on checking for the change in values.


How to Buy Cryptoblades?

NFT tokens are impossible to buy directly using cash. So, check out the procedure to check these tokens.

  • Log in to your Binance account.
  • Fill in all the details required for trading.
  • Purchase BTC and check the Binance wallet.
  • Log in to Meta mask account.

Exchange BTC with Crypto blade by entering the correct contract address and learning about the Cryptoblades to PHP value.

Skill Token Price:

The price of the skill token was constantly rising for few days and held a rank #271 in the market. The current price list is as follows:

CoinMarket Cap-

$143.43, is up by67.41% in last 24 hours. Trading volume is $29,307,626.

CoinGecko –

$141.71, is up by 63.8% in last 24 hours. Trading volume is $77,297,378.


– $146.47, is up by 70.9% in last 24 hours. Trading volume is $29,260,100.

Supply and Market Cap:

The Skill Crypto Blade Token has a good circulating supply of 702,318. A maximum supply of 1,000,000 Skills. The coin has a live market cap of $101,370,544, can be purchased the coin on PancakeSwap V2, MEXC, PancakeSwap, LBank, and many other exchanges. The growth of the coin is very good, and people all over Venezuela, the Philippines, Argentina, Spain, Brazil are ready to invest money in it.

How To Buy Skill Crypto Blade Token:

Here are the few simple and easy steps.

Go to Binance.

  • Finish the KYC procedure and add your payment method on Binance exchange to buy BNB
  • Transfer the BNB into your Metamask wallet.
  • Connect it to PancakeSwap exchange.
  • Select Skill Crypto Blade Token and enter the contract address of the token.
  • Pay the amount and click on Swap. Read here to get more details:

How to Play Cryptoblades and Earn $SKILL

SKILL is primarily obtained through successful combat encounters and the trading of NFTs on the marketplace. Over time, more features that reward SKILL will be developed to further increase the value of NFTs necessary to produce SKILL.

Ways to Earn $SKILL Playing Cryptoblades

1. Fights

Players can use their character and weapon NFTs to fight in the Combat tab of the application.

Fights are an on-chain transaction that takes the power values of the chosen character and chosen enemy and compares the calculated rolls to determine if the player wins or loses

2. Earnings Calculator

CryptoBlades has a built-in calculator where the player may input a dollar value for both SKILL and BNB, and then the stats of their current character and selected weapon.

The calculator will then show the potential daily and monthly earnings based on a specific amount of wins compared to the total daily flights.

The calculator does not take into account the potential of the character to level. Due to the speed at which starting characters level up, it might be good to do new calculations when the character in question reaches the next milestone.

3. Claiming SKILL

SKILL won through combat will be reflected in the player’s Rewards bar on the upper left-hand side of the screen. If the Rewards bar is not visible, you may select the gear icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen and enable the Rewards bar.

Claiming SKILL from the rewards pool may subject the player to the Early Withdraw Tax, explained in the section below.

4. Early Withdraw Tax

Each player is subject to an Early Withdraw Tax that disincentivizes the rapid withdrawing and selling of SKILL on a day-to-day basis.

The tax initially starts at 15%, reducing by 1% per day until it hits 0%.

Each time the player withdraws SKILL, or stakes unclaimed SKILL on the staking pool, the tax resets back to 15%.

Users who wish to avoid the tax may find some more information on the staking page, found here:

5. Trading

Players may trade their NFTs on the marketplace for SKILL. Players may also conduct peer-to-peer trades through the use of the NFT contracts.

Is Cryptoblade a good Investment/CryptoBlades investment analysis

A current SKILL value is $44. Based on our CryptoBlades analysis, today the investment has a 3.2 out of 10 safety rank and +284.9% expected ROI with the cost moving to $169.36. The main ranking factor for this cryptocurrency is Twitter Citation.

To evaluate the ROI that can be obtained from the CryptoBlades investment in 2021 the algorithm has analyzed the daily prices of the coin for the previous 6 months. The nature of crypto assets is wavy, which means that there is a high possibility that SKILL can get to near to an all-time value again in the future.

You can use this CryptoBlades review to check if it is worth it to invest in this asset and how trusted or risky this investment could be. Today the analysis tool has graded SKILL on the place number 817 out of 3910 coins by the safety rank.

Cryptoblades Marketplace

CryptoBlades assets such as characters and weapons are user owned ERC-721 NFTs can be freely traded with other players.

To remove the possibility for scams when conducting trades through the use of the NFT contracts, CryptoBlades has a proprietary marketplace where users may list and purchase their NFTs.

Approving SKILL Spending

The first notification the player gets when purchasing NFTs on the marketplace is an approval transaction similar to the one pictured below:

Cryptoblades Marketplace

CryptoBlades does not have free authorization to spend SKILL directly from your MetaMask wallet, and therefore must ask for authorization each time the player wants to make a marketplace transaction.

This transaction is different from the actual purchase confirmation. Players will receive a new notification for the market purchase after the approval transaction has completed.

Approving SKILL does NOT mean you were able to purchase an item on the market.

You will receive a gas fee error if you attempt to purchase an item that has already been purchased by someone else.


Listing an NFT only requires the gas fee necessary to conduct the transaction to transfer the NFT to the marketplace contract.

Purchasing an NFT from the marketplace incurs a 10% tax, paid for by the buyer.

The listed price of NFTs on the marketplace is tax-inclusive, and the 10% tax is redirected into the contract responsible for SKILL payouts through combat.

Trade Lock

Characters that are listed and bought via the marketplace, or traded via smart contracts will incur a 24 hour trade lock before the item can be listed or traded again.

Attempting to list or trade a locked item incurs a 0.285 gas fee error. Please do not attempt to bypass the 24 hour trade lock.

Browse NFTs

The Browse NFTs tab lets you view the currently listed characters and weapons.

Filters are available for both characters and weapons to narrow down the available options.

Due to the current lack of pagination, only the first 60 pulled results will be displayed. If you wish to make a direct purchase of someone’s listed NFT on the marketplace, you must obtain the asset ID and use the Search NFTs function detailed below.

Search NFTs

If you have access to the asset ID of the NFT you are purchasing, or you have access to the wallet address of the seller, you may view them directly under the Search NFTs tab.

Simply input an asset ID on the textbox and select either “Search Character ID” or “Search Weapon ID” to bring up the NFT in question.

If you have the wallet address of the seller, you may also input that on the textbox and select “Characters by Seller” or “Weapons by Seller” to bring up all of their listed characters and weapons respectively.

You may also use this tab to view your currently listed characters and weapons, complete with their tax-inclusive price.

Selecting a listed NFT lets you de-list the item or adjust it’s listed price. Note that the listed price adjustment makes you input a new price that will then get a 10% tax on top of it before it gets re-listed on the marketplace.

De-listing an item still incurs the 24 hour trade lock, so you won’t immediately be able to trade or re-list the item after pulling it out of the marketplace.

List NFTs

The List NFTs tab lets you list your own NFTs on the marketplace. You can view the characters and weapons on your wallet and list them at a price of your choosing.

# Please note that the price you input upon listing is the amount of SKILL you receive. The actual listed price on the marketplace will have a 10% tax added on top of it.

Listing involves transferring the NFT from your wallet to the marketplace, and as such incurs a gas fee similar to trading. You will also be prompted to allow CryptoBlades approval to use your CBC or CBW.

Listing a character frees up a space in your wallet, and allows you to mint a new one.

#Please note that you cannot de-list a character if your current wallet is already 4/4 characters.

Is Cryptoblades Legit?

Yes, At the time of writing this post Cryptoblades is legit and not Scam. But we can’t speak of the future. So let’s keep our head cross.

Final Verdict

Here is how far I can go with this Review at the moment, Meanwhile if there is anything new about Cryptoblades we will do well to update this Article.


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