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Boldgains Review 2021: Is BoldGains legit? Find out.


Hi, And welcome to my honest BoldGains review, Everything you need to know about Boldgains. Is Boldgains legit or Scam, Is BoldGains a good Investment? FIND OUT.

What is Boldgains

Boldgains International is a company that thrives on global innovation of health, beauty and wellness products through wealth transfer and empowerment. With its headquarter in Dubai, the company is poised to make a different in the world.

Boldgains Review

BOLDGAINS INTERNATIONAL* is a new direct selling retail company from Dubai. They are into varieties of products ranging from Stem-Cells, Health Supplements, Tea and Cosmetics like Body Cream, Stem-Cell Toothpaste, Soaps, Perfume, Body Spray, Serum, Sanitary Pads etc.

The company’s health products are capable of regenerating any cell in the body and her cosmetic series are capable of renewing the skin stem-cell. The other thing that is mind blowing about BOLDGAINS is her COMPENSATION PLAN.

This company was unveiled on 1st May, 2021 worldwide and registration just started for PIONEERS/LEADERS while the official launching date is 1st June, 2021. With as little as $30 {₦15,000} you can secure your position as one of our leaders in your state… (There is always room for upgrade).

Take note of this my people! Whatever amount you pay to register….. You get an initial product that comes with the packages and then you earn $1 ROI DAILY till you have your initial capital back. Then you use the money to purchase any of our products.

How to Invest in Boldgains

You can invest in Boldgains via any of their registration Packages, as listed below:

Registration Packages

Discovery  –  $30 (₦15,000)

Silver  –  $60 (₦30,000)

Gold  –  $120 (₦60,000)

Sapphire  – $600 (₦300,000)

Emerald  – $1200 (₦600,000)

Diamond  – $2400 (₦1,200,000)

The company claims that after registration to any of these packages, you would be given products worth the registration amount and then give access to login to a dashboard on their website where you would be earning $1 daily until you make back your initial outlay.

There is a caveat however, as the money accrued daily cannot be withdrawn in cash but can be used to purchase more products or win gift items from Boldgains.

10 Ways to Earn with BoldGains

These are the top 10 ways recommended for you to earn with BoldGains.

1. Direct Bonus
2. Binary Bonus
3. Upgrade Bonus
4. Roll Up Bonus
5. Repurchase Bonus
6. Return On Investment
7. Retail Bonus
8. Leadership Bonus
9. Yearly Bonus
10. Incentive Bonus

These are the referral bonus or commission paid when you refer other distributors to the company depending on the package you joined with.

*DISCOVERY $30* refer each package and earn

Discovery- $5.75
Silver-  $6.5
Gold-  $8
Sapphire-  $20
Emerald-  $30
Diamond-  $40

*SILVER: $60*
Discovery- $7
Silver- $15
Gold- $17
Sapphire- $42.5
Emerald- $55
Diamond- $100

*FOR GOLD: $120*
Discovery- $7
Silver- $15
Gold- $35
Sapphire- $80
Emerald- $100
Diamond- $180

Silver- $15
Gold- $35
Sapphire- $175
Emerald- $200
Diamond- $300

How Does Boldgains Make Money?

Boldgains makes money by selling health, beauty, and wellness products to customers around the world.

Boldgains products

Just like the several network marketing companies that have come before it, and would come before it, the company thrives by recruiting network marketers to sell its health and wellness products, which can be quite pricey.

The more marketers that Boldgains is able to recruit to its network, the more sales it could make to grow its revenue.

4 Ways you can be part of boldgains

To be part of Boldgains is super easy, just these 4 ways you are good to go.

  1. Product User
  2. Distributor(you buy at cheap rate and resell to make profits
  3. Brand Consultant (networking aspect for Building wealth)
  4. Investor (as a Stockist get percentage as our stock keeper
  5.  All of the Above

After your registration, you will get products worth your money and you will be sent login information to your back office. Also you will be automatically qualified to make $1 everyday until you make your initial money back.

BoldGains Compensation Plan

Below are the compensation plans of BoldGains

Direct Referral Bonus

This is the bonus you get when you refer, sponsor or introduce someone to Boldgains within which is differs according to the package the person paid for.

You earn up to 40% commission on a direct referral bonus, which means you will get 40% of the signup fee paid by who you introduce to the platform

Binary/Pairing Bonus

You enjoy 18.8% when you refer 2 people left and right.

This is the networking aspect and you’d get to earn much more with this feature by building your team network

Note: that once you have anyone on your left and right-hand side irrespective of who referred them this is the bonus you get paid

Upgrade Bonus

This is a compensation plan whereas when your invitee upgrade from small package to higher packet and you still get 40% again

Roll UP Bonus

Roll up bonus is when you or your Downline are on a lower package and refer somebody on a higher package, you get the bonus inline with your package, and some rolls up to your Upline on a higher package and some goes to your Upgrade wallet, which you can use to upgrade to a higher package when it accumulates to the package you want to upgrade too.

Repurchase Bonus

This is the bonus that you get as your downlines are repurchasing any of BoldGains products, you earn points which in return is matched and pay to you as earning

This simply means, when your downlines are making recurring purchases of any of the BoldGains products, you will earn a commission from BoldGains on each product bought by your downlines

Return On Investment Bonus

Return On investment (ROI) is the most amazing and compelling compensation plan of BoldGains

Once you are registered, you start getting $1 daily until your registration amount is complete

You should note that you can only use the money to buy or get products from the company shopping mall or redeem incentives like phones, iPad, watch, laptops, etc…

Retail Bonus

This a compensation plan that will favor retailers, you have got to make 39%-56% when you purchase BoldGains products as their distributor and retail to others

Also, note that you are not to sell below 39% or higher than the 56%

Leadership/Incentive Bonus

BoldGain International also rewards users that show more commitment to the business model through an incentive bonus

The leadership Bonus goes with Incentives bonus, as you rank you get different incentives like scholarships, cars, house, international trips, etc

Ranking in the system is through Accumulated Earnings and GIFT points only

Is BoldGains Legit or Scam?

The company looks very legit, however, it is quite difficult to make money on Boldgains.

Don’t be deceived by the testimonials you see online about people making millions. It is not quite as simple as it seems.

Unless you are a pharmacy or mobile drug distributor with a large clientbase, it would be difficult to make money on Boldgains as strictly an investor.

Boldgains would work only for those who are willing to sell its products, make repurchases and get a few others to join them doing the same.

If you can’t do that, then there is no need coming onboard Boldgains. You would essentially be wasting your time and money.

Can You Lose Money With Bold Gains?


The money you pay for purchasing a package with Boldgains is essentially a risk if you are strictly an investor.

Unless you plan on reselling the products given to you by Boldgains to recoup your investment.

So, as an investor, you would be paying to get access to the Boldgains system. Whatever you do thereafter would determine if you make money on the platform or not.

Should You Invest in Bold Gains?

I like the fact that Boldgains is actually a cheaper alternative to the many MLM systems out there.

With just 15,000 Naira, you can get started on the platform.

However, it is still an MLM scheme and you would need to work your ass off to make any profit, even after investing your hard earned money.

The goal of an investor is to get your money to work harder than you.

The plan is not to work like a slave just to earn peanuts even after investing some money.

As such, I don’t deem Boldgains good enough to invest in, just like I wouldn’t invest in any MLM scheme out there.

If you choose to join Boldgains, know that you are essentially getting a job and not investing to get your money working for you

Is Boldgains a good Investment ?

I will say Yes hopefully. So far so good, Boldgains has been paying it’s member, But we don’t know what the future hold.


BoldGains is the new trending direct selling retail company from Dubai, What I can say about this new platform is that, BoldGains is real and not fake.

This guyz are having amazing products with Amazing bonuses and good news is that they pay their members.

Unfortunately this were have come to end the review.

Note, This review is on the basis of historical data, before you proceed to join do well to read other reviews too.

For we are not responsible for any profit/loss.

Meanwhile you can drop your questions and comments below.

Nevertheless, we will keep you posted if their is any changes to Boldgains.

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