Bamboo Panda Airdrop, How to Participate and get free 500 Panda

Bamboo Panda Airdrop, How to Participate and get free 500 Panda

Hello guyz you are welcome to Today’s Post on how to get free Bamboo Panda Airdrop, In this post you know how to participate on Bamboo Panda Airdrop and claim free Airdrop Token.

Please do the required tasks to be eligible to get airdrop tokens.

1 Panda = 0.2$ USD
For Joining – Get 500 Panda
For each referral – Get 100 Panda

By Participating you are agreeing to the Bamboo Panda (Airdrop) Program Terms and Conditions. Please see pinned post for more information.”

Click “Start Task” to proceed” Add bamboo panda token in your walllet.all information below.

After adding the token, click on “confirm”

Bamboo Panda Airdrop

1 Panda = 0.2$ USD
For Joining all participants – Get 500 Panda Airdrop Link :

Participants can withdraw airdrop balance instantly,but minimum withdraw is 1000 Panda⭐For each referral – Get 100 Panda
.every valid payment will complete within 24 hour’s.
Token name : Bamboo Panda
Token symbol : Panda
Polygon matic
Contract address : 0x9c114d3217aa25704d1e3871dee08c37c40fc1e4
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 50,000,000,000 Panda

Bamboo Panda Airdrop Token Contact Address.

This is the verified Bamboo Panda Airdrop Token Contract Address.


How to Participate on Bamboo Panda Airdrop:

Join Airdrop [Telegram BOT] Click here

Join Telegram Group And Channel

Follow Bamboo Panda Twitter

Subscribe Bamboo Panda YouTube

Join Advertiser Telegram Channel, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

Bamboo Panda Airdrop



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