AllClear Travel Insurance: What does Allclear Travel covers

Allclear travel insurance

In this AllClear Travel Insurance article, we’ll investigate what plans they offer, what they cover, and regardless of whether the plans are great for you. Appreciate! 

At the point when you’re arranging an outing, it’s enticing to zero in on tracking down the ideal lodging and overlook the less intriguing undertaking of choosing a protection strategy.

If you were to ask me, that is a risk. No one can really tell when a health related crisis could emerge, and the expense of medical care outside your nation of origin can pile up rapidly relying upon your objective.

On the off chance that you have a previous ailment, you may excuse travel protection. Everybody realizes that previous conditions are not covered, correct?


While some travel protection companies cover previous conditions in specific circumstances, there is really a movement protection solution designed to cover them. It’s called AllClear, and it offers single and multi-trip protection plans to voyagers of all ages – even those with prior conditions.

Let’s take a closer look.

What is All Clear Travel Insurance

Allclear Travel Insurance is a Company offers  travel Solutions to travellers of all age., They are passionate about helping people get affordable travel insurance – whatever age or pre-existing medical condition.

AllClear is a specialist insurer that caters to customers with pre-existing medical conditions. It offers cover for 1,300 different medical conditions.

Who owns all clear travel insurance?

Chris Rolland, CEO

He believes passionately in supporting high customer ethics standards, and has grown multiple award winning businesses across innovative technology, customer service and marketing.

AllClear Travel Insurance Products

AllClear Travel Insurance offers travel insurance solutions to travelers of any age for almost any destination. It specializes in covering pre-existing medical conditions, which sets it apart from many other providers.

Travelers taking a single trip can purchase one-shot insurance, while those who travel multiple times per year should consider a multi-trip plan that covers all trips.

You can purchase a single trip policy up to 12 months before your travel is scheduled to begin, with cancellation kicking in right away. You can get an online quote for trips lasting up to 92 days.

Annual multi-trip plans offer 12 months of coverage for all trips within the same region, up to 45 days each. Region means one of the following:

  • Europe
  • Worldwide excluding North America and the Caribbean
  • Worldwide including North America and the Caribbean.

Whether you should opt for a single or multi-trip plan depends on the length and number of your trips. AllClear advises that an annual multi-trip plan is usually cheaper if you travel three or more times per year.

AllClear offers three primary plan, available for both single and multi-trips:

  • AllClear Gold
  • AllClear Gold Plus
  • AllClear Platinum

AllClear Travel Insurance: What’s Included?

AllClear travel insurance plans include coverage for all ages and most pre-existing medical conditions.

And what exactly is a pre-existing medical condition? Some are considered pre-existing if you’ve ever experienced symptoms. Others are pre-existing if you’ve received treatment or exhibited symptoms in the last five years. It’s all explained on AllClear’s website when you get an online quote and answer a brief medical questionnaire.

What about coverage? Here’s the key takeaway:

  1. Medical expenses up to £15,000,000
  2. Trip cancellation and curtailment up to £5,000
  3. Baggage and personal items up to £3,000

How Much Does AllClear Travel Insurance Cost?

The cost of an AllClear travel insurance policy will vary based on several factors. These include age, medical conditions, trip length, destination, desired coverage, and desired excess (also called deductible).

Single Trip

I obtained a quote for a hypothetical U.K. couple traveling to Spain for one week. The couple are 39 and 43 years old and have no diagnosed medical conditions. These are the AllClear plans and their prices:

  • AllClear Gold Excluding Cancellation — £69.88
  • AllClear Gold Increased Excess — £83.04
  • AllClear Gold — £87.36
  • AllClear Gold Plus Excluding Cancellation — £76.70
  • AllClear Gold Plus — £95.90
  • AllClear Platinum — £122.84

The more expensive plans offer higher coverage amounts. Plans that exclude cancellation insurance are less expensive, as are plans with higher excess.

Annual Multi-Trip Plans

For illustration purposes, here are the quotes for the annual multi-trip versions of the same plans, for the same hypothetical couple:

  • AllClear Gold Excluding Cancellation — £131.44
  • AllClear Gold Increased Excess — £156.04
  • AllClear Gold — £164.28
  • AllClear Gold Plus Excluding Cancellation — £144.60
  • AllClear Gold Plus — £180.74
  • AllClear Platinum — £235.94

We can see from these quotes that if this couple were to take two trips of this length within Europe during a 12-month period, they would be better off buying an annual multi-trip plan.

I should also mention that I ran quotes for a senior couple aged 79 and 84 taking the same trip. One of these hypothetical seniors has high blood pressure and cholesterol and the other has Type 2 diabetes. Coverage levels were the same, but as expected, premiums were much higher — almost five times higher, in fact.

AllClear Travel Insurance: What Isn’t Covered

Undiagnosed Conditions: AllClear can’t cover a medical condition if it hasn’t been diagnosed by a health care professional. If you are undergoing tests or treatment for a yet undiagnosed condition, claims related to it will not be covered.

Pre-Existing Conditions You Failed to Disclose: Pre-existing conditions affect the premium you pay for AllClear coverage, so if you don’t disclose one, you won’t be covered for any claims related to it.

In fact, if this comes to light, your policy may be voided altogether. This is why it’s essential to answer the medical questionnaire truthfully and completely.

Anyone Who Isn’t Cleared to Travel: In order to receive coverage from AllClear, your doctor must declare you fit for travel. In some cases, AllClear may request written proof of this before agreeing to cover you. If your travel is against the advice of your physician, you are not eligible for coverage.

Some Terminal Conditions: Depending on your prognosis, you may or may not be eligible for coverage if you have a terminal condition. In these cases, it is best to contact AllClear by phone to review your situation in more detail.

Destinations for Which the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Has Issued a Travel Advisory: AllClear covers travel to almost anywhere in the world, but there are some exceptions.

This includes destinations the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised against traveling to. If you ignore the advisory and go to one of these destinations anyway, you’ll have to seek coverage elsewhere.

Travel Insurance Plans For Everyone – Get complete travel insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions no matter your age for your next trip. Get a free quote from AllClear here.

AllClear Travel Insurance: Who Can Be Covered?

The great thing about AllClear is that the company covers travelers of any age. It also covers many declared pre-existing medical conditions. Currently, it serves residents of the U.K., the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and Australia. The content of this review does not apply to Australia, though, since pricing and products may differ.

Pros Cons Over 1,300 medical conditions covered. All plans except the AllClear Platinum have an excess (deductible)No age limit on coverage Terminal conditions may not be covered High emergency medical coverage.

Coverage for seniors with pre-existing medical conditions can be expensive Most travel destinations are covered Low levels of trip cancellation coverage with the Gold plan Single and multi-trip plans available.

Who Should Buy AllClear Travel Insurance?

Travelers With Pre-existing Medical Conditions: Because AllClear specializes in coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, it’s an excellent option for people who might otherwise struggle to find coverage.

Seniors: Many providers have an upper age limit on their policies, but not AllClear. Even seniors in their 80s and 90s can find a plan that suits their needs.

Frequent Travelers: AllClear’s annual multi-trip plans usually end up being more cost-effective for travelers who plan to take at least three trips in the same region during a 12-month period. Sometimes even two trips is enough. Remember, one of the “regions” is “worldwide including the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean” so these plans aren’t as restrictive as they sound.

Travelers Wanting High Medical Coverage: One of the most attractive features of AllClear is its high medical coverage. Even the entry-level plan offers £10,000,000.

Who Should Skip AllClear Travel Insurance?

Travelers With Yet Undiagnosed Medical Conditions: AllClear needs details about your medical condition before the company can offer coverage. That means you need an official diagnosis. If you’re currently undergoing tests to try to diagnose a medical condition,

it won’t be covered. To be honest, I doubt any provider will cover that. Your best bet is to wait until you have a diagnosis. Otherwise, you’ll have to take your chances, which I don’t recommend.

Anyone Looking for High Levels of Trip Cancellation or Curtailment: AllClear offers trip cancellation and curtailment coverage up to £5,000. It covers non-refundable deposits if you have to cancel or cut short your trip for a covered reason.

That said, if you’re planning an expensive trip, it may not be enough to protect your investment. The AllClear Platinum plan allows you to purchase additional coverage in increments of £1,000, but other providers may offer more coverage for less.

U.S. Residents – AllClear Travel Insurance is currently not available to residents of the United States.

How to Buy AllClear Travel Insurance

Most travelers can obtain a quote and purchase AllClear travel insurance online. In some circumstances, travelers may be advised to call AllClear to discuss a quote further, usually when additional information about a medical condition is needed.

Once you purchase a policy, there’s a 14-day cooling-off period. That means if you change your mind before your travel begins and before you have cause to make a claim, you can get a full refund.

How to Make a Claim

Depending on the nature of your claim, it might occur while you’re away or after you return home.

If you need to access emergency care while away, contact MAPFRE Assistance for 24-hour multilingual emergency service by phone or email (its contact info is in your policy booklet). MAPFRE will then arrange your care.

If you need outpatient services while away, you generally pay out of pocket and then file a claim when you return home. The exception is when the service costs more than £500, in which case you can go through MAPFRE Assistance.

Reactive Claims Ltd. handles AllClear travel insurance claims filed after you return home. You can get a claim form online or by contacting Reactive via phone or mail within 28 days of your return. You’ll have to submit your completed claim form along with your original policy and all original receipts and other supporting documents.

AllClear Travel Insurance Review: Is It Worth It?

Seniors and individuals with previous ailments frequently battle to discover travel protection inclusion, period. It’s incredible that AllClear is accessible to serve these gatherings, regardless of whether the charges are costly. For some, the cost merits the genuine feelings of serenity that the high clinical service gives.

For young people without previous conditions, AllClear Insurance is sensibly estimated and offers a huge load of medical service. Truth be told, the vast majority without previous conditions need not to bother with that much — £1,000,000 including bringing home would be all that could possibly be needed by and large.

The trip wiping out coverage is somewhat missing with a portion of the AllClear plans. The Gold Plus and Platinum plans offer a good £5,000, with Platinum permitting explorers to buy extra inclusion. Nonetheless, Gold arrangement inclusion is on the low side.

AllClear is principally a movement clinical protection supplier, so it’s a good idea that wiping out isn’t its concentration. All things considered, it probably won’t address the issues of explorers who are arranging costly outings. On the off chance that that depicts you, I prescribe contrasting plans with track down the best fit for you


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