41 Latest digital marketing Growth hacking tools for full stack marketers in 2020

41 Latest Growth hacking tools for full stack marketers in 2020

This Content about Growth Hacking Tools will help you grow massively.

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Growth hacking is not just another intangible concept. In fact, it’s an incredibly simple one. Sean Ellis, the Founder and CEO of Qualaroo and ordained Godfather of Growth Hacking, offers this explanation:

As a growth hacker, every strategy you execute, every tool you implement and every technique you develop should be informed by your desire for growth.

It might seem self-evident that the singular goal of growth hacking is growth, but the beauty of this, and what makes growth hacking such a valuable practice, is its flexibility.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a one man startup or a multinational corporation; growth hacking doesn’t discriminate and anyone can leverage it.

Digital is a battleground on which marketers are fighting to achieve competitive advantage. There can be uncompromising targets, constraining budgets, limited resources and a surplus of competitors against a backdrop of advancing tools and platforms.

A conventional approach to marketing is no longer enough. The only way to survive, is to adapt.

Grow fast or die slow – that is the mantra that many startup owners repeat to themselves every morning in the mirror. And for a good reason – considering nearly half of small businesses fail the first four years, according to SmallBizTrends.

But it doesn’t have to be so stressful – that is, if you’re familiar with the concept of growth hacking and growth hacking tools.

However, there are plenty of tools available for marketers to simplify their day-to-day job related to growth hacking. We have collected some of the most useful into this list:

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is your #1 tool for tracking the performance of your content marketing. You can use this social media analytics tool  to identify the performance of each of your content pieces, while gaining a deep understanding of which topics, channel and format are best suited for you and your audience.

It also provides meaningful insights on which contents perform best at keyword level for you and your competitors.

2. AdEspresso

When it comes to optimizing your  Facebook ads, no other tool can match the performance of AdEspresso. Although Power Editor is really powerful, it is quite a complicated and resource-intensive task to create and implement multivariate A/B testing.

Meanwhile, in addition to making it super easy and fast to create split tests on Facebook ads, AdEspresso will provide you a with crystal clear report about which ads are working best with which audience. It will even give you insights into the ad elements that drive performance.

AdEspresso moreover offers an easy to use automation feature helping you to edit rules according to the “if this, then that” model. Finally, their algorithm will help you to reduce your PPC and stop wasting money on non-converting clicks.

3. Optimizely

Conversion rate optimization is the highway to improving your marketing effort. In order to do so, testing is crucial to uncover what’s working and what is not in terms of copy, title, images, CTA, colours and even font.

You have to  compare and contrast different ads or creative elements constantly. Optimizely is one of the best tools available for  A/B and multivariate testing of your landing pages. As a result, Optimizely will help you to craft the perfect landing page, enhancing the best user experience to get you more leads.

4. Hunter

This one is a treasure hunter and one of my favourites (together with Zappier). If you need to find email addresses of prospects, influencers, Dan Lok, Neil Patel or anyone that is relevant for your business then look no further: Email Hunter is what you need. You just need to install the Email Hunter extension, log in on LinkedIn and the email hunt can start! Once you have found an interesting profile, a simple click on the extension will serve you the mail address on a silver platter.

5. Zapier

Zapier is one of the surest ways to get a growth hacker or a marketer ahead even if he or she is not a developer. Zapier is beneficial in a number of interesting ways such as allowing for easy web app connection and automation of processes. Zapier can automate various processes which make it very easy for you to generate sales leads. Zapier is an effective way to get ahead in growth hacking as it is fast, efficient and convenient to use even for an inexperienced marketer. Furthermore, Zapier enables you to integrate a significant number of third-party.

6. Unbounce

Unbounce is a growth hacking tool with is very easy to implement and has the additional advantage of facilitating the creation of landing page. Unbounce has the distinctive benefit of being able to combine a landing page with A/B testing which is further strengthened by the fact that Unbounce is extremely easy to set up even if you are not a programmer.

A marketer or a growth hacker with very little technical knowledge can create a customized landing page with A/B testing which would dramatically enhance the prospects of the online business or blog by increasing conversion rates. The core benefits of Unbounce are the high conversion rates, convenient setup even for a non-technical person and the ability to customize landing pages to meet your requirement.

7. Hello Bar

This growth hacking tool is particularly concerned with increasing conversion rate, which is probably the important aspect of growth hacking. Hello Bar is designed to covert traffic into customers. Hello Bar is certainly a growth hacker’s delight as it is a tool that facilitates every aspect that is required for increased profitability. Hello Bar provides significant emails through prospecting, it helps to propel traffic and most importantly conversion rates. Also, it provides tracking functionalities to monitor progression and developments.

9. KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics is one of my favorite growth hacking tools. I am sure you know Google Analytics. KissMetrics is kind of Google Analytics on steroid. It has a great deal of functionalities that surpasses most analytics. KISSmetrics analytic functionalities encompass not only the monitoring the source of traffic but focuses on the various activities that occur once they are on the site.

KISSmetrics is one of the most inclusive marketing tools with far-reaching functionalities that provide detailed insight into various developments which can be incorporated to increase conversion rates. This growth tool has built a nearly irrefutable reputation that is backed up by an incomparable level of efficiency. KISSmetrics offers precise blow to blow information on various developments with a comprehensive insight into visitors’ behavior which can be used to optimize the site for profitability. This tool will allow you to go really deep in your analytics. For instance, if you want to optimize your conversion rates or know everything you can on your visitors, KISSMetrics should be tour go-to tool. Note: KISSmetrics is also very convenient to implement.

10. MixPanel

MixPanel provides top-notch analytics for online businesses with detailed monitoring of users operations on a variety of application and tools while fostering well-tailored and personalized communication with them. MixPanel utilizes A/B testing and a variety of survey techniques which are used in the creation of campaigns, measurement if progression, engagements and overall success. MixPanel can be described as the Google Analytics for mobile apps.

11. Clicktale

Clicktale is a tool that follows up on various user actions for the incorporation of relevant modifications that would certainly enhance conversion rates. Clicktale offers an extensive range of features that includes website optimization, conversion investigation and usability inquiry.

ClickTale offers a systematic approach that investigates the website to modify content and then nurtures users into taking action. This growth hacking tool has many distinctive advantages such as being able to uncover trends of a single user, convenient to implement, and the application of heatmapping technology which enhances customer experience and translates to high conversion rates.

12. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a formidable tool and was invented by one of the foremost growth hackers. Qualaroo is instrumental in offering a vivid insight into various actions that takes place on the site and the reason behind specific patterns by users. Qualaroo can help you investigate certain patterns amongst users by asking questions such as why don’t users take action by buying and much more through a message that appears without constituting any form of interference.

Qualaroo is very efficient in providing in-depth understanding about customers’ patterns. This can be used in modifying your site in order for customers to take specific actions that brings about profitability while satisfying marketing and growth objectives. Qualaroo reveals the reason behind customers’ actions while repositioning the site to help correct flaws that may impede business flow. Qualaroo has the advantage of showing the “why” behind users’ actions. This informs you on the most appropriate action to take and how to improve it.

13. MailShake

MailShake is one of the most convenient email marketing tools to implement with astounding reach that amplifies the attainment of your marketing objectives and grows profitability significantly. Growth hackers use MailShake for blog outreach and cold emailing mostly. MailShake automates the monitoring of emails to determine which email was accessed and if the link was accessed by the recipient. This tool offers convenience when it comes to editing and pausing emails. In other words, MailShake enhances your control of your email campaign.

Email marketing is one of those marketing channels I love using growth hacking tactics the most.

This growth hacking tool is very effective in running email campaigns as it handles every ramification of the entire email campaign process for sending emails to targeted recipients, monitoring the success of sent emails as well as empowering you to control campaigns by pausing, editing and restarting email campaigns how you see fit for maximum results.

14. Toofr

Toofr is a valuable tool when it comes to prospecting clients which is an important consideration for effective marketing. Toofr will help you to discover email addresses of people and is remarkably easy to setup. Additionally, Toofr provides exceptionally efficient customer service.

15. MailChimp

This tool is not a growth hacking tool per say but an email service provider (ESP). There are many ESPs around. MailChimp is without a doubt the most popular and we have to say, we love it. It’s easy to configure, reports are easy to understand, etc… This growth hacking tool undoubtedly offers a unique opportunity for new online businesses to accelerate growth through an extensive variety of features.

Those have earned MailChimp an unassailable reputation as one of the most preferred email marketing tools. This tool will allow you to create an send great email marketing campaigns. MailChimp is certainly a fantastic way to boost your online business with highly targeted mails that are tailored according to various visitors’ patterns and website trends. It is an effective tool for sectionalizing mails and it has features that automate the delivery of mails at a time that is most suitable for maximum result.

16. AWeber

Aweber is one of the most amazing tools you can possibly get. If you don’t choose MailChimp as an ESP, give a try to AWeber. AWeber is particularly easy to use with a hyper-reactivity which makes it one of the most efficient email marketing software with astoundingly gratifying results.

AWeber is preferred by many entrepreneurs and startups because of the convenience and effectiveness it brings to online business. AWeber has built an unassailable reputation that is reinforced by a millions of startups, bloggers and online businesses. AWeber uses metrics to monitor performance and offers a considerable number of templates for you to choose from.

17. SendGrid

SendGrid is another ESP that we love. In order for you to choose your favorite one, you will need to test them: we cannot choose for you. SendGrid cloud based email sending service is an efficient way to broaden your reach to millions of customers and remains unmatched when it comes to offering delivering significantly large number of mails to people.

With an assortment of additional features and functionalities which includes real-time analytics and boosts the number of your email delivery profoundly. SendGrid is certainly one of those formidable growth hacking tools we recommend and that amplifies the rate of email delivery, enhances deliverability and exposure of your email to a staggering number of people.

18. Vero (Web Analytics + Emails based on data)

Vero studies patterns from people leaving your website and sends emails to them based on those patterns. Vero is a powerful growth hacking tool because it is highly targeted by identifying the peculiarity of each visitor and sending an email on that basis. Vero is effectively designed for highly personalized and targeted campaigns. Vero gets you ahead with tremendous advantages when you intend to launch a highly targeted campaign, it is also relevant when it comes to A/B testing emails and facilitating automated email campaigns.

19. Nimble

This tool is especially useful when trying to create a longstanding connection with potential clients. The tool integrates contacts, email, follow-ups and other forms of online marketing information in such a way that constantly enhances connections to build business. Nimble can manage a staggering number of contacts consistently over a variety of platforms.

Nimble gives you notice about specific developments which can be leveraged for added value such as a contacts birthday and so on. The notice is also relevant for timely communication with clients.

20. HubSpot – Growth Hacking tools

I am sure you’ve heard about Hubspot. This is a great CRM tool, perfect to master inbound marketing. HubSpot is a software that is particularly relevant in inbound marketing that helps you grow at an unprecedented rate while helping you keep track of various developments.

HubSpot is effective in integrating your online marketing while amplifying sales and productivity. Additionally, Hubspot offers significant leverage in creating landing pages, enhancing email campaigns, organizing workflows through automation.

21. Drip

Drip offers remarkable functionalities in the area of marketing automation while enhancing great email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, Drip provides accurate information that can be used to develop campaigns against the backdrop of specific patterns and actions of visitors on the site for result oriented email campaigns.

One of the major advantages of Drip is the fact that it allows for highly personalized campaigns which is generally more effective and result driven. Drip is remarkably easy to setup while integrating a variety of tools for accelerated growth.

22. MixRank

MixRank is a very powerful growth hacking tool that can be used to boost sales tremendously through a comprehensive series of ways such as promoting sales leads, identifying the origin of traffic and much more. MixRank is an efficient way to investigate the source of competitor’s traffic and other relevant information that would be used in implementing campaigns. MixRank is valuable in reaching out to potential customers across a variety of platforms while channeling your campaign in their direction. MixRank is effective in monitoring competition, ad copy and landing pages, etc…

In summary, MixRank is unarguably an effective tool that performs a multiplicity of functions such as investigating the source of competitions traffic which can help redirect the focus of your campaign, MixRank has functionalities that support a variety of testing, which provides concrete information that can be used in the creation and implementation of a successful campaign.

23. Marketo

Marketo is a formidable tool with a long list of functions that extensively includes market automation, email campaigns, analytics, tracking and much more. With features that offer impressive customer based marketing, Marketo is relevant in cultivating meaningful relationships with customers, across a long list of platforms.

Marketo helps with highly focused campaigns that yield dramatic results in the areas of conversion rates and profitability. Marketo offers an integrated approach that allows for increased online presence across an extensive list of platforms.

24. AnyLeads

AnyLeads is a growth hacking platform that automates marketing operations. It’s the new tool around and is a mix between a CRM, an email scrapper and email service provider. This is a full solution for email outreach, funnel building, etc… Their interface is very well designed: this makes it easy to create your own drip email marketing campaigns, find the emails on almost everyone and more.

25. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a growth hacking tool that employs the synergistic combination of email marketing and content marketing to enhance that attainment of set marketing objectives of startups and online businesses. Some of the unique features and functionalities of Klaviyo are centered on the fact that it helps in the creation of highly targeted marketing campaigns and emails. More so, Klaviyo can test the efficacy of every email as the tool provides information on which email is actually creating conversions and which is not.

26. Autopilot

Autopilot is an email marketing and automation tool that provides automated messaging both online and offline. Autopilot captures the links and leads while communicating effectively with prospective across a variety of channels. Autopilot utilizes a spontaneous interface that can be employed easily while following leads and patterns in the most comprehensive way possible. Autopilot follows leads, opens, click until it blossoms into eventual conversions.

This growth tool helps in launching a highly personalize email campaigns and in-app messaging with very little effort while reaping staggering results. Autopilot integrates with a long list of CRM and other automated e-commerce technologies. It provides advanced features that tracks performance rate while engaging customers with emails, SMS, postcards and so on.

27. Canva

When it comes to creating graphics, designs, photographs, illustrations that is often required for inbound content marketing, Canva is just right for you. This tool will help you create a great content marketing strategy. Canva will certainly help you create significant number of stickers, borders, frames and everything you would need for an impressive inbound content. Canva can be used by both experts in design or graphics and amateurs with satisfactory results. Unarguably, Canva is the foremost tool for web and print designs.

28. Grammarly

If you’re creating content – no matter whether you’re creating blog posts, video content, images, white papers or else – you need to make sure your content is mistake-free. It takes so much time to review, read and re-read all the content you’ve created and it may be tough to find mistakes. To help you find mistakes in your content, I suggest you try Grammarly. This tool with help you create better content by correcting grammar errors you might have made. Grammarly can find hundreds of mistakes than other tools can’t.

29. Sniply

Sniply is really one of my favorite growth hacking tools. This growth hacking tool is very instrumental when trying to build a sustainable relationship with clients while promoting content. The core advantage of Sniply is centered on sharing your links to various online content that you feel would attract customers interest. However, it is always recommended that the links that area attached to content are associated.

This tool can dramatically boost your marketing avenue as you can barrage potential customers with an assortment of links and contacts such as emails, telephone contacts, follow-ups and much more which would certainly boost your traffic and conversion rate.

30. Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet is effective management tool for marketing on Twitter. Click to Tweet leverages Twitter’s user base to spread word about a product or service just by requesting that user click to tweet about it. The technique to using Click to Tweet is very straightforward as all that is required for you to do is to invite new users to spread the word about the product, a mention or a quote by clicking to tweet.

This technique is very advantageous as your marketing can blossom into a major campaign. Additionally, you get a periodic update by the analytics which gives you an unequivocal insight in to how many clicks has been made allowing to accurately estimate how well the promotions is going. There are many amazing features of Click to Tweet as it is very convenient to implement, has analytics that gives you unequivocal insight into developments and often escalates your promotions activities exponentially.

31. FameBit

Famebit is one of the most effective growth hacking tools that helps you fulfill your marketing objectives in the areas of brand awareness and brand recognition by tapping into Youtube users. FameBit is a tool that can be used to reach a staggering number of Youtube, Instagram and other platforms for maximum brand exposure that is required to fulfill all of your expectations.

32. Colibri

Colibri is a tool that would give you remarkable advantage over competition because you would be empowered to monitor inbound links to your competitors’ sites. Colibri offers impressive analytical features that monitor data across a good number of platforms. It also effective in measuring trends while providing comprehensively accurate information that is actionable.

With little resources Colibri would help enhance your online presence while giving you an unequivocal insight into various trends that can be leveraged for marketing success and profitability. Colibri offers astounding SEO by allowing you to engage customers meaningfully.

33. SemRush

SemRush is one of those SEO tools you need to know, maybe not so much a growth hacking one but we love it at Growth Hackers and you should definitely test it if you are into SEO. It is a very inclusive marketing tool that provides outstanding competitive intelligence, SEO optimization and comprehensive analysis that repositions your digital marketing efforts for remarkable success.

SemRush provides the most accurate information that allows you to have a clear understanding of market and competition. SemRush effectively combines a variety of functionalities and features which are the Domain Analytics which focuses on URLs, Keyword Analytics for SEO and keywords, My Reports for custom reports and much more.

34. Mobile Action

Do you want to increase your apps’ reach and App Store Optimization (ASO)? Do you want to find the right keywords for your app? Mobile Action is for you. Mobile Action provides you with all of the apps in the market with the combination of in-depth analysis into the market terrain for informed decisions that would propel the progression of your app startup at an astronomical rate. Mobile action will empower you with some of the most used keywords which you can incorporate for success.

Mobile action also tracks the download rate with instantaneous update on the progression of your startup in relation to competitions. This mobile appstores’ growth hacking tool provides comprehensive insight into how well your app is faring with everything from ratings, reviews to keywords that would effectively position your app for success.

In addition to giving detailed analysis of various developments in the app market, Mobile Action provides a detailed plan of action based on analysis that would help position your app for staggering success. The most important feature of this tool is that it demystifies the complexities of keywords while helping you implement keyword solutions in ways that enhances the prospects and profitability of your app. If you want to improve your app’s organic downloads and improve your mobile app ranking, using an App Store analytics tool is one of these ASO tips you need to follow.

35. Buffer

You have a social media strategyn but you might think social media takes too much of your time. Try Buffer. This is not so much a growth hacking tool but more a social media management tool and this is our favorite. This tool is so easy to use if you want to schedule many posts across your social media platforms.

36. Dux Soup

Do you want to get leads automatically from LinkedIn? Dux Soup is the right tool for you. Indeed, this growth hacking tool provides lead generation automation (For example, by visiting automatically profiles based on your saved searches) and will give you leads in a lot of less time. All your activities on LinkedIn will be tracked automatically.

37. LinkedIn Helper

You like Dux Soup for LinkedIn and you want to take your lead generation process to the next level? LinkedIn helper is the growth hacking tool for you. You can pretty much automate all the actions on LinkedIn such as connecting with people, sending messages, endorsing people, build targeted mailing lists… If you want to automate your LinkedIn profile at scale, this is the tool for you!

38. HypeGrowth

Do you use Twitter or do you intend to? HypeGrowth is a great tool to automate some of your activities on Twitter. For instance, HypeGrowth can automatically follow influencers in your industries, people who post about certain topics or hashtags or automatically like people’s posts. There is a bit of setup at first but once done, your Twitter will be almost running by itself (You just need to schedule posts through Buffer or automate posting via IFTTT or Zapier)

39. Constant Contact

Just tripped over the 2000 subscriber mark – or starting out with a large audience? Another great growth hacking tool for email is Constant Contact, which is at the top of WPBeginner’s list of the best email marketing services.

Constant Contact is great for people new to email marketing, with extensive online training, a huge resource library, and even local webinars. Their support is second to none and includes email, live chat and an active community of users.

40. UserLane

UserLane calls itself a “navigation system for your software”. In other words, shows users the basics so they can start getting results fast. With this software, you can create an interactive onboarding guide, that rewards users with a checkmark every time they successfully complete a step. When users are able to enjoy success from the start, they’re sure to want to stick around.

Gamification is a proven growth hack, so this one’s worth checking out. They’ve also got a special plan for startups.

41. Totango

Totango empowers you to drive website visitors and users to experience your product in ways that influence conversion. With Totango you will be able to identify hot prospects by separating the “true evaluators” from the average free user and Get the information you need to make smart follow-up calls or emails. You can as well send the sales team daily emails with the status of ongoing trials


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